Dig out Du Haitao's identity as a parent. Even Wang Sicong is courteous. No wonder Shen Mengchen can be his daughter-in-law

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dig du haitao identity parent.

Netizens' impression of Du Haitao , Should be always bullied in the happy camp mc Well , And his girlfriend Shen Mengchen , At first, everyone had a very bad impression of the girl , I think Shen Mengchen is with Du Haitao because he is older than her , Although Du Haitao is often bullied in the program , But because fat looks pleasing , Good character , So the audience is very good , So at that time, the whole network was dark, Shen Mengchen , I don't think she's reliable . After a period of time together , After taking part in a popular couple love program on the whole network , Because of their natural performance in the program , Interaction is also very sweet , Slowly also accepted the two people together .

Although it is green leaves in the program , But Du Haitao's own business ability can't be underestimated , As soon as he finished the college entrance examination, he took part in the selection competition for the shining new anchor , And won the championship . Then he joined the happy family , It has also been recognized by many audiences . In addition, he also created a separate program " Banana punch in ", Because my body is relatively fat , So I created a fitness program , The original intention is to lose weight and punch in with the audience at the other end of the screen , Let's lose weight together .

Since the inception of this program , Although there are no big pieces of meat , But also a little thinner , Meat is also more energetic than before , Looking at the body is also much healthier , Sure enough, exercise can change a person's state .

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