Jin Chen boldly wears his belly pocket to show his bright and clean back, deliberately bends down to show his hips, and the fashion blockbuster is super beautiful

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jin chen boldly wears belly

A group of Jinchen's new fashion blockbusters have been exposed on the Internet , In this group of blockbusters , Jin Chen showed her beautiful figure generously , After many years of studying dance, her figure ratio is also very excellent , Right shoulder , Swan neck , Little Manyao, a lot , When posing in various positions , The posture is also quite relaxed , I don't feel stiff at all , When facing the camera , Very good performance . Jin Chen's latest blockbuster has been exposed ! Black straight long hair style and red skirt are feminine , Beautiful back is too provocative

In this group of fashion blockbusters, Jin Chen rarely wears a suit similar to “ Red belly pocket ” Like clothes , Show a lot of back skin , Holding a tulip , Look at you , I seem to be missing my beloved , Spring is warm , People are more beautiful than flowers .

Jin Chen in the next picture , The upper body is supported by a table , Lie on the table , It not only shows us Jinchen's beauty, but also perfectly highlights Jinchen's curve .

Another picture shows Jin Chen wearing a brown knitted suspender skirt , This long knitted skirt shows me Jin Chen's bony beauty , A slender neck , Exquisite clavicle , It is well known “ Paperman ”.

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