Five years ago, why did Yang Zi, Qiu Yingying, the most unpopular "Ode to joy", counter attack and become popular

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years ago yang zi qiu

2016 The hit play in 《 Ode to joy 》 Once broadcast , It has achieved good ratings and reputation .

Time interval 5 year ,“ Five beauties ” The three younger sisters in appeared in a variety show again , Three person business , It still aroused the memories of the audience .

Although Wang Ziwen and Liu Tao were not present , But it still doesn't hinder the interaction of several people .

Five years , The stars changed one crop after another , The friendship and relationship between several people remain .

Especially Qiao Xin and Yang Zi , stay 《 Ode to joy 》 Is a pair of best friends , In the program , Full of friendship seeped from inside the screen to outside the screen .

Qiao Xin held Yang Zi almost all the way , It's sweet , Yang Zi also shed tears on the scene , Miss this play and that sisterhood .


There is a saying in the film and television circle called “ Noon products , It must be a boutique. ”.

Many film and television dramas launched by noon sunshine , All rely on word-of-mouth to stand out , Audience explosion , such as 《 Are both good 》《 List of reed {langya} 》《 Mountains and seas 》 etc. .

It's all set “ Five beauties ” The TV play 《 Ode to joy 》, The total playback volume on the oil pipe exceeds 5030 ten thousand , Single click breakthrough 164 ten thousand , Ask for Ding 2016 The champion of .

Five heroines , People and characters are rich and vivid .

There is no distinction between good and bad , But can let the audience find their own moving , Such female power , It is also an important point that can arouse the empathy of the audience .

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