Ali's female employees were sexually assaulted. It was clear that they had no choice but to sigh, which made Hu Chong confident and seven swords down the Tianshan Mountain

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ali female employees sexually assaulted.

“ Have you been drinking lately ?”

As soon as Feng Qingyang saw Linghu Chong, who had not met for a long time, he asked , And said :“ How to deal with the little nun of Hengshan sect ? We can't assign them to Huashan sect for imperial use , Wulin will accuse us !”

“ No problem ,

Now the Wuyue sword sect is falling apart , Zuo lengchan 、 Yue buqun took the blame and resigned , The responsibility lies with them , We should play our 、 Keep playing .” Linghu Chong picked up a jar of good wine , All in one gulp , While drinking, he murmured .

“ Little nun is easy to do , Keep their jobs , Pay more , Of course they don't make trouble .” Linghu Chong said firmly .

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