Cecilia Cheung earned 50 million yuan in the mainland for half a year. Zheng Haonan appeared in the hot pot shop and drank 5 yuan a bottle of beer

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cecilia cheung earned million yuan

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stay 《 My sister 2》 in , Cecilia Cheung revealed that she has villas in Beijing and Shanghai , And worth hundreds of millions .

Cecilia Cheung's appearance can be used “ Amazing ” This is a word to describe , So Cecilia Cheung made her debut , You have good film and television resources , I've also made a lot of money over the years . With the downturn of Hong Kong Film and television market , In recent years, Cecilia Cheung has performed less , But since last year, she participated in 《 My sister 2》 after , Popularity soared all the way , In only half a year 5000 ten thousand , Attracted the envy of countless Hong Kong artists .

Therefore, many Hong Kong people have moved to the Mainland , Hope to make more money , Among them is the former Hong Kong male god Zheng Haonan . In Hong Kong 《 Young and dangerous 》 In the series , Zheng Haonan specializes in bad guys , Created countless classic bad guys .

In the years of gold mining on the Mainland , Zheng Haonan and his Malaysian wife have lived apart for a long time , Life is lonely .8 month 7 Number 56 A recent photo of 12-year-old Zheng Haonan was exposed , From the exposed photos , The old male god is really old .

Dark skin , The cheeks are sunken , Dress casually and simply , With black rimmed glasses , If you don't look carefully , I really don't recognize it , This is the old male god . It seems that Zheng Haonan in recent years , Life is still not easy , In order to create a better life for your family , I've been working hard .

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