Peace is swallowed? AB for children? Tang Yixin resource abuse? Zhang Yishan, song Yanfei, are you still in chaos?

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peace swallowed ab children tang

1. Tang Yixin does have some good scripts , It's just that none of the plays she got was the leading role , Either supporting role or friendship . Despite this situation, Tang Yixin had long expected , But no one wants the truth to happen to him , Even if Tang Yixin has done enough psychological preparation , Now it's hard to accept . However, female artists who have given birth to babies in the circle are gradually eliminated by the market , Unless she can let the market see her new value in a short time , Otherwise, prepare to teach your husband and children .

2.Angelababy In order to ensure that children can always enjoy a high-quality life , Now she is not as picky when arranging her work as before . After all, for her now , As long as you have money to earn , As long as the child can live well , Is her greatest wish . Even in the eyes of insiders, her previous savings are enough to maintain a high quality of life , can baby Also out of long-term considerations , Being a mother always puts children first , Insiders also understand .

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