Take you to see Gao Xin's Mansion: there is no cooking at home. A large black cabinet is very clean

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gao xin mansion cooking home.

Gao Xin is a very low-key star in the entertainment circle , By virtue of " Love deep rain " The role of Lilu Erhao , Walked into everyone's sight and was well known by everyone . Gao Xin lives in a grand mansion in the play , In reality, the house he lives in is not bad . Even the kitchen in the house is decorated very atmospheric , The black cabinets in the kitchen are particularly classy , But I seldom cook at home . Let me take a look at it !

Gao Xin forms a husband and wife with Wang Yinan, who is also an actor , She is " Beautiful Li Huizhen " Zhu Ying, a senior editor in . Both husband and wife are very famous in the entertainment circle , Naturally, the ability to absorb gold is also very high , Luxury houses are also decorated with special pride . You can see that the porch inside the home is specially exquisitely designed , They also hang some beautiful pictures on the wall , These hanging paintings bring a comfortable artistic atmosphere to the porch , Usually, Wang Yinan and Gao Xin live happily in this mansion .

The restaurant in Gao Xin's home is very fresh and elegant , You can see the solid wood dining table next to the window , And the scenery outside the window is particularly pleasant . Transparent white gauze curtains are hung on the windows , Usually sit by the window to eat , This is a very relaxed and comfortable way to eat . A special sideboard is also designed next to the dining table , It must be very convenient to take and put tableware .

A large black table was designed in the kitchen , You can use this table as a dining table , It can also be used as a bar . The area of the restaurant is very large , Even the cabinets in the kitchen are designed in black , It looks very atmospheric , Gao Xin and his wife seldom cook at home , It seems that the couple are too busy at ordinary times , I don't even have time to cook .

And Gao Xin's bedroom is designed to be very warm , Especially the design of the big bed is more comfortable , You can see that the big bed in the bedroom is covered with high-grade mattresses . The white mattress brings a lot of refreshing feeling to the bedroom , Except the big bed , The wooden floor on the ground is also made of high-grade materials . You can see that Mr. and Mrs. Gao Xin paid special attention to the decoration of this luxury house , The mansion looks very warm under their elaborate decoration 、 grade .

The door in the bedroom is made of white wood , It blends with the white wall, especially matching , And the ceiling in the bedroom is also designed with special care . You can see that the waterproof work at the ceiling is done very well , There are traces of plaster lines in the gap in the corner , It looks not only beautiful, but also waterproof . So do you like the decoration style of Gaoxin mansion ?

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