Song with the king premiered! Cheng Yi's acting was crushed by he Shengming, and Yu Sifeng's filter was broken

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song king premiered cheng yi

Last night , The Tokyo Olympic Games ushered in the closing ceremony, announcing that this competition is over , While everyone is enjoying it , There is a TV play on the air , It's what was controversial before 《 Song with Jun 》.

Start with this play , The competition of TV dramas on various platforms has also begun , It's like waiting in line for the last summer bonus .

for example 8 month 8 Hunan Satellite TV of Japan 《 Song with Jun 》 Mango. TV First net background ;

8 month 9 Beijing Satellite TV 《 Dear parents 》 Iqiyi Tencent Network ;

8 month 9 Japan Oriental Beijing 《 Black storm 》 Tencent first network background ;

8 month 12 Sun east central eight 《 The ideal city 》 Iqiyi alone ;

8 month 17 Japan Zhejiang Jiangsu 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 Tencent alone, etc .

Last night, ,《 Song with Jun 》 Members have aired 6 Set , It can be said that the data is good , It still ranks first on local satellite TV . However, the controversy caused by male host Cheng Yi since its launch has been constant , It's nothing more than temperament and acting skills .

First of all, the play is based on the flying flower novella 《 Sword instrument line 》 Adapted , It's about Qi Yan, the son of heaven ( Cheng Yi Decoration ) And Cheng Ruoyu, the female bodyguard of the purple Bureau ( Zhang Yuxi ) Grow up hand in hand in the complicated affairs of the court and the feelings of children , The story of mutual redemption !

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