Faye Wong, 52, rarely shows up! Eight bottles of high-end red wine were opened on the birthday, with a consumption of 65000 a night

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faye wong rarely shows bottles

8 month 8 Day is a special day , The Tokyo Olympic Games came to a successful conclusion , It's also worth it on the island “88 section ”( Father's Day ), And it's also the birthday of the three big stars in the entertainment industry , Liyan tong 、 Ni Ni 、 Zhang Yuqi's online dream linkage . Actually ,8 On this day, another superstar ushered in 52 birthday , She is the singer Faye Wong !

Faye Wong fading out of the screen , Since the show with former boyfriend Nicholas Tse “ The century is back ” after , Then enjoy the romantic world , Rarely appear in public . Faye Wong, who has always been a Buddhist in her life , Only last year (2020) Join hands with my old friend Na Ying to make a film for the women's volleyball team 《 take the crown 》 Sing the finale 《 The river of life 》; Take the job in your mood , Very capricious !

8 month 8 Late at night , A bartender ( Wine taster ) Professional netizens broke the news that I met Faye Wong appearing in a high-end restaurant , And happy to leave a group photo . According to the wine taster , In the evening (8) When Faye Wong and her assistant went into the store to spend , notice “ An idol who yearns day and night ”, Make him call “ I can't believe it's true , My heart jumped to my throat , I can't breathe ”!

During Faye Wong's meal , When the wine taster asks for a group photo , After being blocked by his agent , Faye Wong also shows her super people-friendly side , Holding the shoulders of fans, he said casually “ Come on , Let's shoot ”, The character is quite straightforward ! In the exposure picture , I saw Faye Wong dressed in a simple casual dress , Wearing short white sleeves T T-shirt with wide leg pants , An iconic crisp short hair , Put your hands in your pockets with a cool expression , The gas field is powerful !

Compare this month (8 month ) first , From the picture of Faye Wong returning to work and appearing in a luxury house in Beijing , It's really a recent picture of her . After taking pictures with idols , The wine taster even said thank you :“ thank you , Veggieg ”; lo , Faye Wong put down a cool sentence “ Just call me Fei ”, We are the same generation , No one is better than anyone , Seems unwilling to others “ Call her sister ”!

According to the wine taster , Faye Wong sat down and ordered a bottle of burgundy red wine , And only drink this one , Like American premium wine “ Work No. 1 ”(Opus One) It doesn't fall into the eyes of the law 、 Not a drop , The taste is quite unique . There are wine tasters , Burgundy wines are strong and tough , Known as the “ The king of French wine ” A reputation as a !

People familiar with Faye Wong know , She is famous for drinking red wine . My good sister Zhao Wei has her own winery in France , The wines produced sell well all over the world , Privately, Faye Wong often meets Zhao Wei here to taste wine and talk about life . Maybe it's such a relationship , When Faye Wong divorced Li Yapeng 、 When Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung divorced , The two lovelorn people go around and come together again under the lead of Zhao Wei , It's a good story !

Birthday night (8), Faye Wong is forthright and generous , Open eight bottles of Burgundy wine to cheer up . Search the price of imported Burgundy wine related to a treasure , I found the selling price at 5000 To 20000 RMB varies , The older ones are probably in 8100 about , according to 8 In terms of the number of bottles , A night's wine alone costs 6.5 RMB 10000 start , Not including other consumption , generous !

From the dynamic situation of the wine taster who met Faye Wong by chance , His boyfriend Nicholas Tse did not show up together , Maybe it's for fear of causing unnecessary trouble . Although Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong “ old couple ” Choose low-key love , But outside rumors never stop ; Besides questioning their breakup , This year, 6 In mid June, Hong Kong media broke the news that “51 Faye Wong secretly gave birth to a son for Nicholas Tse ”, Shocked the outside world !

After the event , Nicholas Tse's brokerage company was also the first to refute the rumor , Deny giving birth to children in Hong Kong 、 Rumors such as amending the will , And said “ The two have already reached an agreement , There is no family planning ”!( Picture source network , Infringement must be deleted )

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