The premiere of "song with the king" broke 60 million and the audience rating broke 0.5. Hunan TV caught the "audience password"

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premiere song king broke million

《 Song with Jun 》 Finally broadcast !

Preheat for a whole week 《 Song with Jun 》 Finally broadcast , Whether the quality and plot can stand the scrutiny of the audience , Let's take a closer look . Tell the truth ,《 Song with Jun 》 The plot is very fast , Less than ten minutes after Qi Yan appeared “ Deng di ” 了 , And the plot is a little old-fashioned , The puppet emperor was in power with the eunuch , Everyone is in a mixed mood !

But even if 《 Song with Jun 》 The plot is bloody and old-fashioned , But the performance of the actors is still relatively good . Especially Cheng Yi , He played the puppet emperor Qi Yan , On the bright side, Qi Yan wants to treat the eunuch Qiu Shiliang “ As you please ”, In fact, Qi Yan pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger , He's looking for a chance to bring down the eunuch . in addition , Cheng Yi's expression and eyes are in place , I'm afraid people have higher expectations for him !

The premiere made a good start , Good ratings !

And because 《 Song with Jun 》 The first episode gets to the point , The background of the late Tang Dynasty and the cause and effect of the story are beginning to be explained , The audience is also willing to buy , therefore 《 Song with Jun 》 The premiere made a good start , Let's dig deep 1

(1)《 Song with Jun 》 Premiere break 6 Ten million

Although there are many hot dramas in summer , The audience market is also “ Divide ” 了 , but 《 Song with Jun 》 There are still obvious advantages . Costume Theme + GongDou + Plot to fight + The plot setting of sadistic love , The audience was surprised by , And this also leads to mango tv to update 6 After the set , The playback volume instantly exceeded 6 Ten million ,《 Song with Jun 》 It is expected to become a dark horse drama !

(2) The ratings of the live broadcast exceed 0.5

《 Song with Jun 》 It's on the star , Although there are many updates on the webcast platform 6 Set , But Hunan Golden Eagle solo theater has only been updated 2 Set , However, the audience rating of the premiere can break through 0.5,《 Song with Jun 》 It's really a dark horse drama . although 《 Song with Jun 》 CCTV's popular dramas with lower ratings than the top three , But compared with other TV dramas in the golden stage ,《 Song with Jun 》 Has rushed up top1 Location. !

There is one saying. ,《 Song with Jun 》 I'm afraid it's a hot dark horse drama in summer , Original 《 You are my glory 》、《 I really love you 》、《 Yulouchun 》 Waiting for the play to seize the audience market , But I never thought that Cheng Yi's play could “ Kill out ” A path of blood , Whether it's word of mouth or ratings , obviously 《 Song with Jun 》 They all have hot pictures !

《 Song with Jun 》 There are many advantages

But here comes the question , There are so many hot dramas in summer , Why? 《 Song with Jun 》 Can get off to a good start in the premiere ? And for “ Be curious ”, Let's discuss it again !

(1)《 Song with Jun 》 It is awesome

Even though 《 Song with Jun 》 The main “ Overhead ” background , But the late Tang style clothes are very eye-catching , add “ Eunuchs are in power ”、“ clasp an enemy to one's bosom ” The plot settings ,《 Song with Jun 》 It has an inseparable historical origin from the late Tang Dynasty . But in the play , Whether it's a palace maid or a minister , The clothes are first-class and excellent , It's not hard to see. 《 Song with Jun 》 The crew worked hard !

(2) The character setting has a distinct character

《 Song with Jun 》 After the feature film is broadcast , The setting of the protagonist and supporting actor in the first episode is very clear , Qiu Shiliang was an ambitious eunuch ; Emperor Qi Yan endured humiliation , Dress up as a pig and eat a tiger ; The lively Cheng Ruoyu and the murderous and scheming smoke weaving . To the heart , The first episode set off a court fight , Plus a live character , The audience will enjoy watching the play !

《 Song with Jun 》 It's the program code of Hunan Station

Simply speaking ,《 Song with Jun 》 The ratings and reputation are good , It's not surprising at all . Whether it's ancient costume drama or modern drama , As long as the plot can stand the scrutiny of the audience , The director polished the script carefully , Plus the actors act with heart , Why worry about these high-quality dramas? The audience won't buy them . and 《 Song with Jun 》 It's a typical example , Details allow the audience to appreciate , So it's a little difficult to think about the play !

And return to the platform , Hunan TV's vision is not generally good . Before, netizens all shouted that Hunan Satellite TV launched a film starring Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi 《 Please give me more advice for the rest of your life 》, but 《 Song with Jun 》 Be placed in the summer file , At first, people thought that Hunan Taiwan “ fuck around ”, I don't know if the platform has an advanced vision .《 Song with Jun 》 The premiere audience can win the championship , It can be seen from the side that Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi's play is already the viewing password of Hunan Station !

《 Song with Jun 》 It's still hot , Did you stay up late to catch up ? How do you evaluate 《 Song with Jun 》 Well ? Welcome to leave a message. .

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