Song Liang, Wang Sicong's oldest predecessor, after breaking up: I haven't felt very happy for two years

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Wang Sicong had the longest contact with his predecessor song Liang , I have received many big gifts from Wang Sicong , Including one 800 Ten thousand Mickey Mouse , But after the breakup , Song Liang poked secretly diss sicong :“ For two years , I never felt very happy .”

Song Liang , Born in 1994 year , Called small f, Her sister is Song Yang , Song Yang is a famous lady , Keen on buying famous brands , Flaunt wealth , Song Liang and Song Yang are known as the song sisters of Shanghai beach .

Song Yang is bigger than song Liang 6 year , Influenced by Song Yang , Song Liang didn't learn well , only 13 I started making up at the age of , Apply big red lips , Carry Hermes bag , Attend various parties .

15 year , Song Liang has already started to haunt the nightclub .

During high school in the United States , Song Liang and Shanghai's richest man are also handsome ako I've been with you .

2013 year , Years old 19 Song Liang and Wang Sicong were friends at first sight , Then it quickly developed into a romantic relationship .

Wang Sicong was very kind to song Liang , Not only take her to various occasions , She also bought many big gifts to please her .

Among these famous brand gifts , The most expensive one , Maybe Wang Sicong smashed 800 A Mickey Mouse bought by Wan .

After dating Wang Sicong , Song Liang began to think that reading was useless , So she dropped out of school , Back home from the United States , Feel at ease to be a canary kept by Wang Sicong .

She said :“ Before studying in the United States , Read half and don't read .”

Song liang thought that by giving up his studies , Can tie Wang Sicong , Consolidate your status as a genuine girlfriend , But how could a playboy like Wang Sicong give up the whole forest for a tree ?

Song Liang's relationship with Wang Sicong , Just maintained 22 Months , Less than two years .

But it is worth mentioning that , although 22 Months is not long , But song Liang is still Wang Sicong. So far , One of the longest dated predecessors .

After breaking up with song Liang , Wang Sicong quickly made a new love , With the first 5 Girlfriend he Yumeng is dating .

Song Liang lost Wang Sicong's long-term meal ticket , Life began to become stretched .

She doesn't have a job , There is no source of income , And the one with Wang Sicong 22 In the months , She has long been used to living a good life .

As the saying goes , From thrift to extravagance , It is difficult to advance from luxury to frugality ,

To make a living , Song Liang had to resell the big bags that Wang Sicong had given her , Clothes, etc. .

A flower without a hundred days , With a playboy like Wang Sicong , Breaking up is inevitable , But during the interaction , At least to outsiders , Wang Sicong is worthy of song Liang .

But song Liang broke up , Post on the Internet :“ In fact, I really don't mind if you ask me if I broke up , Because I haven't felt happy for two years , Now I'm at least happier than the last two years , thank you , Leave unhappiness to others !”

Since you are not happy , Why wronged yourself and Wang Sicong 22 For three months ?

Regarding this , Someone ran to ask Wang Sicong , Ask him to talk about his views on Song Liang .

Wang Sicong said :“ I'm not good , So I don't care , As for gifts , I don't care what to do with it when it's sent out .”

After breaking up with Wang Sicong , Song Liang also went do Face , And then it changes , Become a pure and charming goddess .

And then , She and the rich second generation in Vancouver , But a little ugly m jacky All right, here we go .

2020 year , Song Liang gave birth to m jacky My daughter .

But they didn't get a license , Some netizens laughed at Song Liang's unmarried daughter , But song Liang comforted himself :“ You don't need a marriage certificate to bind your partner .”

Personally think that , The marriage certificate is not used to bind anyone , But to protect personal rights .

But since Song liang thought it didn't matter , There's no need for netizens to worry about her .

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