Cheng Yi's new play begins! There are a large number of original people in "coloured glaze". The hostess is similar to Xuanji

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cheng yi new play begins

The long-awaited new play starring Cheng Yi 《 Song with Jun 》 It's officially on air , The play is adapted from the classic of flying flower IP《 Sword instrument line 》, Cheng Yi was in 《 Glass 》 It's coming to the fore , Attracted a large number of fans , The new play is on the air , It has attracted a lot of audience attention .

In the play , Cheng Yi plays the young emperor Qi Yan , And the woman is 《 Glass 》 As exquisite Zhang Yuxi , This time she's doubled , Become a hostess , She plays a brave and upright “ Royal female bodyguard ” Cheng Ruoyu , They have the same aspirations , They all want to protect the justice in their hearts , It can be said that the positive energy is full .

See this configuration , Have to say 《 Song with Jun 》 The play is related to 《 Glass 》 It's really inextricably linked , First on the cast ,《 Song with Jun 》 There are a lot of 《 Glass 》 The original team .

Not just men and women , And he Shengming 、 Li Junyi 、 Yang �Z Zi, Fu Fangjun and many other supporting roles are 《 Glass 》 The old face of Kong , Some netizens teased that this is “ Huanrui gift bag ”, Because most of these actors are huanrui's , Let the audience who are familiar with them look forward to .

Although the actors are familiar faces , Men and women are also new actors at the traffic level , I can see you , The play wants to reproduce 《 Glass 》 That kind of hot money .

however , It also caused some controversy , That is, the audience is easy to play , For example 《 Glass 》 My brother-in-law and sister-in-law , here we are 《 Song with Jun 》 I became a loving man and woman , The emperor and his bodyguards , This undoubtedly makes some 《 Glass 》 Some powder “ In a trance ”, Can we substitute , Can this sugar knock down ? Small 8 We can only wait and see .

in addition ,《 Song with Jun 》 The service of Tao is also related to 《 Glass 》 Somewhat similar , For example, the clothes worn by the two little girls who just appeared and fled , At a glance 《 Glass 》 Shadow .

And Cheng Yi's hairstyle , Two strands of hair also make the audience play , I can't help but come to Sifeng . Although this similar way of serving and transforming makes some 《 Glass 》 Fans look kind , But it's not old-fashioned , The lack of new idea .

Speaking of this , I have to mention the filter of the play , The abrasion is very serious , Every character looks white , The surface is free from defects , Although very clean , It's also exquisite , But without a trace of texture , It also lacks a sense of reality , The characters look pale 、 Masquerade , I can't see the character characteristics , Especially Zhang Yuxi's face , The original three-dimensional facial features are almost gone, and the invincible thick filter is worn away .

Male Lord Cheng Yi's style is also too delicate , Slightly abrupt , It's like comparing beauty with the hostess , Although Cheng Yi has ” Ancient costume male god “ Known as the , But male gods can't afford to do this . Ancient costume plays in recent years have this feature , Just want to say , When can we really feel the audience's preferences , We don't like super thick filters so much . Fu Huadao did this , Not only didn't please the audience , And he fell behind .

Zhang Yuxi's personal design is also similar to 《 Glass 》 The hostess yuan Bingyan in the is somewhat similar , They are all silly, white and sweet characters in the early stage . The female leader spoke to her boss in a very... Tone “ pure ”, With big round eyes , Speak straight , It just doesn't have any intention .

by comparison ,《 Glass 》 Although the hostess yuan Bingyan was also a silly white sweet character at the beginning , But kegui is acting very naturally , No silly white sweet character is easy to cause embarrassment .

Another female leader Xuan Lu , In the play, she plays the female owner who has been separated for many years 、 Sisters of the opposing camp . The feeling of the role of Xuan Lu is refreshing in the whole play , Noble and cool young lady , Sharp and lazy eyes . In white , Wear men's clothes with the woman , The image of careless silly white sweet contrasts greatly , Small 8 I believe that the opposite play between her and the female leader Zhang Yuxi will be more wonderful .

Although the play is related to 《 Glass 》 There's a lot in common , But it doesn't hinder everyone's expectation of him , But the filter , I hope the screenwriter can see everyone's voice , Improve... Improve .

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