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zhou xun good condition hot

I've seen this hot search format countless times :

XX state /XXXX state .

Click in without exception is the rainbow fart that female stars will never be old . however , I seldom see Zhou Xun in this hot search , But she's really in good shape , It's the kind you can see she's grown up a lot , No longer weird , But still moving good .

Xun Zhou

You see , She is also like the nimble and light Princess Taiping , It's lying with your eyes open . She still has traces of years , There are also hidden wrinkles on your face , But her eyes were fixed a lot , As if I could see through your trick at a glance , The whole person precipitates an aura used to seeing big winds and waves .

This blue suit is really noble for her , If the model is an urban beauty who is rushing to work on the streets of Paris , I believe Zhou Xun is the boss of the fashionable girl sitting in the office on the top floor of the skyscraper . Anyway , Chanel Princess of China , From the beginning to now , I only know Zhou Xun .

Dongyu Zhou

I like this Zhou Dongyu ! Many people dare not wear such a wrap skirt because they are not in good shape , But she doesn't care about the curve , I don't care about being slim , Instead, there is a sense of beauty that ignores the secular world . She seems to be a wayward princess who doesn't have to think about what others think of her , Wear only the most expensive skirts , Just to be happy , This confidence and arrogance , Zhou Dongyu's only share , No one can learn .


No matter how deep the neckline is, it won't sew , Jewels don't seem tacky , A long dress shows the feeling of commanding thousands of troops , You can play the last female demon in Hollywood movies in the next second , It's the kind of family with a mine 、 High IQ 、 Want to do some high technology to rule the world 、 Playing the protagonists in their own plays Boss Yao.


good-looking , great , The matching of trousers enhances the whole shape by several levels . It not only retains the always charming and profound exotic beauty and amorous feelings , And create a handsome wild that can cross the Sahara Desert , The feeling should appear in 《 Fast and furious 10: The ghost of the desert 》 in ( Ha ha ha ha , This is my nonsense )!

By the way, bring private goods , Take a crack at the interaction between delireba and Yang Yang , It can be called Yan dog paradise .

Wen Qi

It's really a little mature , Mature enough for Zhou Xun to wear , I can't see it's just a college student . But my sister is not ugly , Sure enough, her deep and sharp eyes , Even can control adult clothes .

Wang Likun

Someone else is wearing Poem La , It was said a few days ago that this brand is now quite popular , Here comes another . But Wang Likun had no choice Poem The most proud wrap skirt , I chose the style of color matching dress , The macarone color system is very suitable for summer , But it's not brilliant for her , Not suitable , It's just plain dress .

Zhang Junning

So thin , So high , Don't wear high heels , The legs also look so long . Because this is an offline activity , Zhang Junning is not wearing a dress , May not look as radiant as other female stars . But I think she looks beautiful , Decent and elegant , He still keeps his bookish spirit of introverted knowledge , It is just fine .

Lin Yun

She seems to be going downhill , Those years are also people who can trigger discussion on the red carpet ( For the time being, whether praise or criticism ). How to say this shape , The level is more like that sent by the little red book plain blogger “ Wear with Korean women's team in real life evaluation , great ”, Sorry for the resources she has been exposed to , The world I've seen !

Mr Yang, the more

I remember seeing a hot search that day , Liu Tao said that Yang Chaoyue is the successor of Xianxia drama ?Emmm, Yang Chaoyue's beauty , I still admit , But if the above conclusion is aimed at this shape , I'll be a little confused ! This is the shape you can see when you open Taobao live broadcast every day , The anchor is still shouting “ give the thumbs-up 666, The anchor links ” The kind of ……

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