After glory broke 1.5 billion, Yang Yang released good news and staged a sadistic drama with Huadan

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glory broke billion yang yang

Let me tell you which work is particularly popular , Most viewers think Yang Yang starred in 《 You are my glory 》, The results obtained are particularly gratifying , Breakthrough in playback volume 15 Billion , It can be seen that his appeal is quite outstanding . After the great harvest of the work , Yang Yang released good news again , Partner Hua Dan staged a sadistic drama 《 And try the world 》, The crew is well prepared , Cause a lot of heat , Some posters released , The feedback is satisfactory . The director's carefully selected male and female protagonists , I will not let you down , The topic has been quite rich .

Since Yang Yang's heat in the circle went up in a straight line , For most fans , They have expressed their expectation of his participation in any work . This release brings 《 And try the world 》, Vaguely feel the heat, especially outstanding , It tells the story of two male and female protagonists wandering the world together , The director ambushed the emotional line , So as to make the plot more attractive . Many fans saw their favorite actors , Thus revealing more details of the script . For example, the director's creative ability , Is quite excellent , Brought too many hit plays .

It brings 《 And try the world 》, Described as big production , The characters created , I feel amazing , It quickly attracted a lot of comments . Through various angles , The shape has a sense of hierarchy , A light purple gown , Like in a fairyland . Over the years , Yang Yang's efforts , Reaped a huge return , Acting has become more excellent . Some works in the past , You can think of what kind of character to play , Like what , Be able to collide with your opponent for inspiration , Let the audience revel in the script .

Yang Yang is a very dynamic actor in the entertainment circle , Having resources is not just about 《 And try the world 》, There are other works that have attracted public attention . Speaking of his role in a sadistic drama , More viewers are eager to know the actors he works with , Speaking of the actress, you can use “ Pleasantly surprised ” To describe , A popular actress who is considered to have burst his acting skills , She is Ruth Zhao . A round face , With superb acting skills , In the film and television script , Become a beautiful scenery , Welcome more attention .

Most of the works participated by Zhao Ruth , Can describe the characters vividly , Let the audience have no power to fight back , Revel in the script . Act as a hostess 《 And try the world 》, Is a very satisfactory candidate , Ability to interpret characters that fit the script . I've worked hard in the theater for so many years , Outstanding innovation ability , Not bound to a fixed label . Each performance can bring many surprises , Also trying hard work , Let yourself stand more firmly in the circle , Become better , More popular .

Some information that has been obtained , Many young friends are optimistic about Yang Yang's performance 《 And try the world 》, The production team has confidence , The director's production ability , Also quite outstanding , Many factors , It's hard for the audience to ignore the work . secondly , The focus of the topic , Often talk about the protagonists and heroines , It's also the gospel of face control powder . Over the years , The film and television script created by Yang Yang , About quality and word of mouth , Very satisfied , The strength is no less than top class , What kind of persona , Can be caught by him , The ability to have is self-evident .

Yang Yang, who has a high reputation , Also looking for different breakthroughs , The plot is richer than in previous years , The challenge is getting more and more difficult . He brought 《 And try the world 》, Just looking at the shape attracted a large number of fans , It can set off his warm and jade like temperament , You can also see a trace of coldness and arrogance , It's quite eye-catching . The partner's actress is a popular actress , The appeal of the work , It goes without saying , It has been considered a blockbuster , I believe you have the same idea , Welcome to leave your wonderful comments in the comments area .

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