Shan Yichun's incisive comments on Wu Xuanyi: it's very good-looking. The subtext is worth tasting

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shan yichun incisive comments wu

《 Burst stage 》 Sure enough “ Burst ”, At the beginning, the stage was full of interest . Shan Yichun's incisive comments on Wu Xuanyi : Looks very nice , The subtext is worth savoring .

“ Rubberneck ” Funny God mending knife : four “D”, Know everything. , High EQ , Looks very nice , Low EQ , vase , The art of language is too subtle .

Wu Xuanyi's current resources are very good , Record reality shows frequently , Extremely high appearance rate . and , There are too many plays by Wu Xuanyi , Give gifts before playing , One sugar per person , Even Han Hong was confused .

More exaggerated , Wu Xuanyi's sugar opened unexpectedly “ The smell of soap ”, Not sweet, but spicy . Anzaki 、 Chen Zhuoxuan can't eat spicy ,“ Mask the pain ” laugh “ die ” people ,“ Strange flavor sugar ” It is “ biochemical ” weapons .

Actually , Wu Xuanyi's wonderful operation is hidden “ Small mind ”, It's like “ Spicy sugar ” equally , Not just sweet , There are many other flavors . Obviously , Wu Xuanyi is determined to change “ sexy ” Route .

however , Even if we have to set up people , You should also say hello in advance , Because some people can't eat spicy , Others eat spicy “ Scrap ” Voice . It's like VaVa The same thing , Luckily I didn't eat , Or you'll go far .

To show the big legs , Wu Xuanyi sat directly on the stage , Han Hong looked puzzled , Ask the staff if they have cleaned the floor .“ Rubberneck ” Help explain : Mr. Han, don't worry , No, “ Lehua ” Unclean floor .

Wu Xuanyi has many ideas , The stage shape is a little provocative , It's a little “ Wind dust smell ”, Suddenly take off your coat ,“ Hard core ” sexy . however , The microphone doesn't work , Wu Xuanyi's adaptability is quite good , Saved the show in time “ Rollover ”.

Wu Xuanyi's stage performance can get high marks , however , There are too many defects in singing , Lack of breath , Breathing is louder than accompaniment . Han Hong gave up comment , Just one word : Is a love bean .

Actually , Han Hong's sentence contains a lot of information , Mr. Han reminded everyone in his opening remarks :“ Love bean ” In a flash , Only role models can last a lifetime .

Han Hong is very tactful , Shan Yichun commented that Wu Xuanyi is more incisive 、 More subtle , The subtext is worth savoring . Shan Yichun said meaningfully : I think Wu Xuanyi is like a piece of jade on the stage , It's crystal clear, very good-looking and eye-catching , however , I just like to see you .

Wu Xuanyi didn't understand , Shan Yichun continues to explain : I am a singer , The standards must be different , I can't be very picky about your singing , The overall feeling you give me is very good-looking .

Tell the truth , Shan Yichun is very pertinent , The wording is also very tactful , It can be called high EQ expression . Sure enough, another one “ Low EQ ” The way ,“ Looks very nice ” It's like “ vase ”, It's like “ jade ” equally , Ornamental is higher than practical .

however , The next program will smell a little gunpowder , The program team is too good at making things , Actually increased the number of votes in the group , If “ Inside throw ” If you are at the bottom of the ranking, you will lose your chance to perform . little does one think , Wu Xuanyi 、 Shan Yichun is on the bar again .

Shan Yichun is, after all vocal, I'm not used to the shooting rhythm of a mirror . Before voting in the group , Wu Xuanyi is outspoken : I'm a little disappointed with Shan Yichun today .

Actually , Everyone has his own weakness ,“ Burst stage ” It's just an opportunity to learn from each other , I hope you can learn from each other , Leave the most wonderful stage works for the audience .

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