Cultural and entertainment news | the state film Administration issued an epidemic prevention notice, and "anti Mafia storm" began broadcasting today

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2021 year 8 month 9 The Journal | Total number 2591 period

8 month 8 Japan 0―24 when ,31 A province ( Autonomous region 、 Municipalities directly under the central government ) And Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported new confirmed cases 125 example , Among them, imported cases from abroad 31 example ( Shanghai 8 example , guangdong 8 example , yunnan 8 example , Beijing 3 example , Inner Mongolia 1 example , Zhejiang 1 example , sichuan 1 example , shaanxi 1 example ), Local cases 94 example ( Henan 41 example , jiangsu 38 example , hunan 12 example , hubei 3 example ); There were no new deaths ; No new suspected cases were found .

meanwhile , The entertainment industry is also changing ......

The state film Administration issued an epidemic prevention notice

8 month 5 Japan , The national film administration released 《 Notice on Further Strengthening the current epidemic prevention and control in cinemas 》 call , We should do a good job of epidemic prevention and control in cinemas strictly, tightly and realistically , Dynamically adjust the situation according to the risk level , According to the deployment requirements of local epidemic prevention and control , The current limit of this current limit 、 The suspension of the suspension 、 The closing that should be closed .

《 notice 》 clear , The attendance rate of cinemas in low-risk areas shall not be higher than 75%, Cinemas in medium and high risk areas will not be opened for the time being .

《 Black storm 》 premiere

The director is five hundred 、 Wang Siyang co directed , Sun hong2 lei2 、 Zhang Yi Xing 、 A TV series on the theme of eliminating underworld and evil headed by Liu Yijun 《 Black storm 》 Starting today on Oriental satellite TV 、 Beijing Satellite TV broadcast , And broadcast simultaneously in Tencent video .

The play tells the story of the central anti triad and anti evil steering group after it settled in lvteng City, Zhongjiang Province ,“ Former Interpol ” Li Chengyang 、 Under the guidance of the steering group, young criminal policeman Lin Hao , And He Yong, the team leader , The story of successfully capturing the black and evil forces and their umbrella .

《 Song with Jun 》 premiere

8 month 8 Japan , By Liu Guonan 、 Directed by Zhao Lijun , Fourteen que screenwriter , Cheng Yi 、 The costume drama starring Zhang Yuxi 《 Song with Jun 》 In the Golden Eagle solo theater of Hunan Satellite TV every night 8 Point broadcast , Mango. TV All over the Internet .

The play is adapted from the flying flower novella 《 Sword instrument line 》, It tells the story of the young emperor Qi Yan in the dangerous Imperial City , With the purple Bureau “ The first female bodyguard ” Cheng Ruoyu fought hand in hand , Protect the story of justice in your heart .

《 The secret in the dark grid 》 Set gear 8 month 10 Japan

Directed by Zhang Xiaoan , Screenwriter sun Haoyang , Chen Zheyuan 、 Xu Mengjie 、 Youth campus drama starring fan Zhixin and others 《 The secret in the dark grid 》 Will be in 8 month 10 From the th, in mango TV Broadcast .

The play is based on Erdong rabbit's novel of the same name , About the campus male god Zhou Siyue and stubborn Cinderella Ding Xian , From mutual exclusion to gradually discovering each other's advantages , The story of youth that eventually transformed each other .

《 Yunnan insect valley 》 Set gear 8 month 30 Japan

Directed by Fei Zhenxiang , Screenwriter Yang zhe , Pan Yueming 、 Zhang Yuqi 、 The suspense adventure online drama starring Jiang Chao 《 Yunnan insect valley 》 Announced on 8 month 30 It was broadcast on Tencent video on the th .

The play is adapted from Tianxia BA's singing novel 《 Yunnan insect valley of ghosts blowing lights 》, It tells us that Hu Bayi and others went to the tomb of King Xian of the former ancient Dian state in Yunnan to look for � The story of dust beads .

《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 Set gear 9 month 8 Japan

Directed by LV Ying , Andy 、 Modern urban emotional drama starring Xiao Zhan 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 Announced on 9 month 8 It was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV on the th , And broadcast simultaneously in Tencent video .

The play is adapted from a novel of the same name by the Berlin stonemason , Lin Zhixiao, a junior in the music department, was hospitalized because of his father's illness , The story of meeting and falling in love with Gu Wei, his father's surgeon .

《 start 》 Kill

8 month 6 Japan , By sun Molong 、 Liu Hongyuan 、 Lao Suan co directs , Bai Jingting 、 The endless stream TV series starring Zhao Jinmai 《 start 》 The announcement of the killing .

The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by praying for King , It tells the story of Xiao Heyun, a game architect, and Li Shiqing, a college student, after a bus explosion “ revive ”, Continuously experience time cycle during the time period of bus accident , Try to stop the explosion 、 The story of finding the truth .

The latest film list of Tencent video animation annual conference is released

8 month 8 Japan , Tencent video held the theme of “ With love Create a diversified future ” Annual animation Conference . The meeting focused on the latest “6+1” Content layout , It covers the chivalrous Jianghu 、 Mysterious adventure 、 Shining youth 、 Hot blooded hero 、 Joy decompresses 、 Science fiction star path 、 Seven categories of dreamland 75 works , Also published include 《 Break through the sky for years 》《 Under one man 》 The first 4 season 、《 Dali Temple diary 》 The first 2 A total of... Including season, etc 29 Department continuation plan , A total of 104 works .

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