35 year old Ma Rong celebrates his birthday alone! Make complaints about their bravery and magnanimous behavior, and expose themselves to the beauty of P.

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year old ma rong celebrates

In recent days, , Ma Rong welcomes 35 birthday , She took a beautiful photo of herself on the social platform , And the article said that after today, continue to be a brave and strong 、 Sunny and healthy girl , Spoil yourself to old age , The future smile is magnanimous .

same day , Ma Rong is wearing a loose black T T-shirt , Light brown long hair shawl , Round face with air bangs , Looks cute and aging . Her face is exquisitely made up , Curly eyelashes and fair skin , With the blessing of the beauty filter , The whole person is white to luminous , It looks very temperament .

After dynamic publishing , Many netizens left messages to send her birthday wishes , Call Ma Rong Da meiniu . Others questioned her photos , Ask whether your face is fat or p The picture is excessive , The filter is too large and the picture is distorted .

Others sigh , Ma Rong had such a happy family , Unfortunately, I don't cherish it , Now there is no one around you for your birthday , It's a shame . After Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang got married , She's from an intern who just graduated ,“ attain the highest level in one step ” Become a star's family , Often accompany the man to attend various activities , It looks bright .

After marriage, Ma Rong gave birth to a son and a daughter , Wang Baoqiang once took his daughter Wang Zishan to 《 Where's dad going? 》, Father and daughter left a deep impression on everyone , Judging from the fact that my daughter always loses her temper , He should spoil his children very much .

But not for long ,2016 year , Wang Baoqiang issued a statement on the social platform late at night , Dissolve the marriage with Ma Rong , Over the next two years , The two have appeared in court many times to file a lawsuit on this matter , Ma Rong also made a lot of jokes , For example, the end is against people ,“ Domestic violence ” Swing, wait , The court finally decided to dissolve their marriage , The son is raised by Wang Baoqiang , The daughter is brought up by Ma Rong .

Then for a long time , Every time Ma Rong appears on the social platform , The comment area is almost full of all kinds of ridicule and tricks , The psychological endurance is slightly worse , May therefore withdraw from the Internet , But Ma Rong is different , She doesn't care what people say , Instead, the 2019 It was announced at the end of .

Not long ago , Ma Rong broadcast live on a platform , She wore a loose white dress that day T, Avatar beauty blogger shares the experience of makeup and skin care , From time to time, I will answer the questions of netizens , Looks like you're in a good mood .

But the barrage in the comment area is not friendly , Almost all ridicule and all kinds of ironic connotation , Others asked her if she needed a new agent , It looks very embarrassing . At first she was calm , Hide your discomfort by drinking water , But in the back, I dare not look directly at the screen , I'll be off the line soon , The live broadcast only lasted 21 minute .

Since the last live broadcast was scolded to close , Ma Rong hasn't updated social news for a long time , Until I celebrate my birthday this time , It seems to have been hit hard . by comparison , Wang Baoqiang's new life is very good , His relationship with his girlfriend Feng Qing is very stable , They were photographed many times going out together .

a little early , Some media encountered Wang Baoqiang showing up at the small clinic to hang a drip , I can't walk steadily when I get off the bus, and I need an assistant to help me , After a while, Feng Qing drove to the clinic , Sit aside and take care of your boyfriend , When it's over, hold him and leave , Although they don't talk much , But the way we get along seems to feel like an old husband and wife .

Anyway , I hope both Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang can find their own happiness .

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