The cute case: Sun Honglei wants to introduce Yang Zi. Huang Zitao: Yang Zi is my buddy!

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cute case sun honglei wants

7 month 3 Japan , In the latest issue 《 Cute detective 》 And 《 Explore the case 》 Funny online , Everyone in mengtan family revisits the classic TV series 《 The white snake 》, Ask for a autograph, look for someone , Sun Honglei said he would introduce the object to Yang Zi , Huang Zi Tao : Yang Zi is my buddy !# Andy #

Huang Zi Tao : Yang Zi is my buddy

stay 《 Cute detective 》 Derivative program 《 Explore the case 》 in , Enthusiastic matchmaker sun Honglei goes online , I joked that I would introduce an object to Yang Zi , Pointing to Huang Zitao, who was taking part in the fun, he said :“ What do you think of him ?” Before sun Honglei finished , They started the mutual connection mode, which is very funny .

I saw Yang Zi making faces on one side , And trying to feel like hitting a column , This expression is how to abandon our Tao Tao ! When Huang Zitao saw Yang Zi's move , The final say “ Yang Zi is my buddy , Let's go , I have no feelings for you .” ha-ha , Did they laugh at you ?

So some netizens said they didn't want to :“ what ? Why are you a buddy again ? Li Xian before 、 Deng Lun 、 Zhang Yishan , And Zhang Yixing, the only one who has ever had an affair , Both of them have refuted the rumor , How come all the actors Yang Zi worked with finally became friends ?”

However, some netizens joked that :“ Is that a buddy ? Tao Tao, have you forgotten the women's dress before ? It's just subtle ! Although Yang Zi has a good character , Very grounded and get along with everyone , But at least she is a beauty in the entertainment circle ! Why is it my buddy ?”

stay 《 Cute detective 》 It's really interesting to see the scene of Yang Zi and Huang Zitao fighting each other , And very funny , Before, Yang Zi also revealed that Huang Zitao needed someone to accompany him to the bathroom , Huang Zitao also praised Yang Zi's high IQ , I love watching them interact .

I have to say that Yang Zi and Huang Zitao are happy friends in 《 Cute detective 》 in , There is more and more tacit understanding , The chemical reaction between the two in the program , It can be said to be the biggest laughing point in this variety show . Although this is a star detective reality show , But fortunately, this pair of grievances can activate the atmosphere of the scene , So that the program will not appear particularly boring .

However, it also makes every program watch , There will be no scene of deliberately laughing , And it feels like every time you look 《 Cute detective 》, What I'm looking forward to most is the scene where Yang Zi and Huang Zitao fight and quarrel with each other . What do you think? ? There are Yang Zi and Huang Zitao 《 Cute detective 》 Do you think it's very funny ? Feel free to leave a comment .

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