The image will eventually reach the reality and reach the audience -- talk after the first exhibition

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image reach reality reach audience

“ Without the expression of image media , I may choose to die .”

8 month 3 Early morning , The first 15 the FIRST The youth film exhibition has just closed .

A few hours ago , Also by movies 、 Rock music 、 An open-air screening center surrounded by young people , Except for the occasional sounds of demolition workers and volunteers , It was almost silent .

But the filmmakers who helped each other by the roadside 、 The subtle smell of alcohol in the air , Still showing the unique tonality here : young 、 free 、 Wild and ethanol 「 flood 」.

Second hand rose lead singer 、2021 year FIRST Finalists in the main competition of the film festival 《 That's all right. 》 The leading actor Liang Long said , This temperament , It's like 20 A party of independent music years ago , close 、 Scorching hot .

In the flow of time , Art seems to show eternal vitality and aggregation . The music of that year 、 Current movies , There is energy through the real world , Connect everyone together .

So film art , yes FIRST The eternal theme of the film exhibition , toast each other , Just to celebrate the movie 「 Immortal 」.

But in the fragmentation of information 、 The era of content commercialization , Is the movie really alive ?

FIRST Sponsored by the film festival “「 Post film 」 The cinema spirit of the times ” On the brick Forum , Dai Jinhua, a famous film scholar, believes that , The movie may be dead , But after World War II , The breakthrough of minority experimental films , It continues the life of film art .

So no matter what age , There are always a group of people who use love to generate electricity , Renew the life of the film . And they also need special cinemas 、 Support for special film exhibitions , Let these creators , Find your audience , Create a unique projection space .

Maybe this is FIRST Significance of film exhibition : Provide a path for young directors , And find a new development direction for film art .

Back to the movie itself .

According to the statistics , The first 15 the FIRST The Youth Film Festival received a total of film registration records 1053 strip , Effective registration films that finally enter the review process 941 Ministry , One of the feature films 149 Ministry , Record feature films 80 Ministry , Short film 712 Ministry .

They have nothing in common except poverty and idealism , And the author's hometown 、 Personal attention .

FIRST Duan Lian, the film exhibition curator, revealed that , Films received this year , Family themes 224 Ministry , Proportion to 41.4%.2019 The first trial of the competition 、2020 Director Xu Weichao, who was shortlisted in the competition, also mentioned , The life experience of most young directors 、 Social experience 、 The technical level is relatively limited , So discover your own story , Is the most pragmatic 、 The best choice .

therefore FIRST The film of the film exhibition , Most of them reflect the personal experience of young directors , And long-term observation of things around you .

There is a view that , Paying too much attention to yourself , It's a young director's observation 、 The retrogression of expression . But if you really calm down and watch the movie , Different cultures in each film 、 regional 、 family , On the contrary, it constitutes the folk reality of China at this stage .

Rough and delicate , Scattered and profound .

《 Muddy water drifting 》 Focus on the hard life of street sleepers at the bottom of Hong Kong , They're trapped in reinforced concrete 「 Mire 」 in , Everywhere for home 、 Can't breathe . The only way to escape is death .

Director Li junshuo's concern about regional development , With the fire at the end of the film reaching its climax .

《 Muddy water drifting 》 Still

The shell is comedy , But the culture of hidden areas has declined 、 The reality of the midlife crisis 《 That's all right. 》, It shows the current contradictory cultural context in Northeast China .

In the cold 、 In the old external landscape , Northeast people are used to deconstructing 、 Laugh at yourself and deal with bad life . Director Jiang Jiachen discovered this trait , It also provides an interesting way for Northeast films 、 Deep exploration direction .

《 That's all right. 》 Still

《 Last goodbye 》《 Water and grass grow long 》 Pay attention to moisture 、 The vast wilderness . In addition to the different external experiences and personal growth of the characters , The symbiotic relationship between man and nature is the motif of the two films .

In the long sky , One person, one cow , There's a long aftertaste .

Besides , Peeping into the world from the perspective of a drooping old dog 《 A person's funeral 》、 Small town story 《 Children's Playground 》《 Accordion 》《 Lao Zheng flew into the sky 》, All show different regional characteristics .

Even if it's only one afternoon , The audience can also follow the film to the north and south of the river , Appreciate different landscapes and cultures .

This particularity , While showing a fresh audio-visual experience , While looking for the empathy of specific groups .

FIRST The film exhibition 「 Amazing debut promoter 」 Liu Haoran said , The films of young directors have a certain degree of privacy , If the audience can get into the mood of the film , To get the best feeling .

So or fresh 、 Or empathy , There is always a movie that goes straight to the heart .

Except for the movie itself , With the recent years FIRST There are more and more support links for young directors in film exhibitions , A group of filmmakers started their careers here , More Xin Yukun 、 Wen Muye and other directors have entered the public view .

For the first 15 the 「 A position 」 Honorary 《 A person's funeral 》 The director is extraordinary , I polished my skills in the training camp a few years ago , Now it has made feature films and been recognized .

FIRST The film exhibition CEO Plum mentioned , Now it feels like a film academy , The young director goes out from here , Come back , It forms the most wonderful cycle .

The first 15 the FIRST Youth Film Festival 「 Number one 」 Xin Yukun

FIRST The reason why the film exhibition can attract old friends home , It can also drive more filmmakers to enjoy it , The role of culture cannot be ignored .

Except for what I said at the beginning 「 Alcohol 」, More people mentioned 「 Beginner's mind 」.

Director Jiang Jiachen came to Xining for the third time , This time he chose FIRST The second feature film at the film festival 《 That's all right. 》 The world premiere of . When it comes to why , He said Here you can find the first intention to make a film .

Best director 、 Zhang Zhongchen, who won two awards for best picture, said : Without the expression of image media , I may choose to die .

In today's complex social environment , The film is on the verge of survival ,FIRST The film festival's adherence to film art 、 Young people's pursuit of commercialization 、 The audience's pure love for the film , It's a baptism for all filmmakers .

Zhou Yiwei calls it 「 Charge 」, This huge solar panel , Every year, it provides a gathering for filmmakers scattered everywhere 、 Opportunity to recharge .

however , Don't forget this 「 Beginner's mind 」 A pure party , Still can not escape external influence .

Founded on 2010 Year of 「 The film market 」, Including young creators and venture capital 、 Negotiation , Market guests invest 、 Buy and other film activities in multiple sectors .

but 「 transaction 」 On the first day , Li Zi said with emotion :“ Sorry, directors , We haven't done capital .”

The reason for this remark is that the venue received a wedding banquet a few days ago , Affected the rehearsal expounded by the director's venture capital . It's still growing plump FIRST The film exhibition , For the first time .

More serious , This year's documentary unit 4 The film was temporarily withdrawn , The closing film was also cancelled .

stay FIRST The film exhibition , Canceling the show is not new , But this large-scale appearance in the documentary , The magic of the real world arises spontaneously .

but 、 anger 、 lose , Negative emotions haunt all filmmakers and fans ,FIRST The film festival has also suppressed its anger , Until the night of the awards ceremony .

The scene , When FIRST Main competition judge Wu Wenguang 、FIRST When the film market judge Ma Yingli awarded the honor of best documentary , The big screen appears 「 vacancy 」 Two words , There was an uproar at the scene . Before the opening ceremony , Many media say that this year is the year of documentary , This result is really difficult to meet expectations .

But next , Ma Yingli announced the best documentary 「 vacancy 」 Why :“ Because there are... In this year's documentary competition 4 The work is completely or partially absent from the public screening , When the award is out of view 、 Away from the audience , It will also lose the effectiveness and significance of evaluation . therefore , The jury decided , The honor of the best documentary of the year is from the lack of . We expect that the image will eventually reach reality 、 Arrive at the audience .”

In Ma Yingli's sonorous and powerful propaganda , The applause began to ring , It will not settle down for a long time .

Song Jia once said , The actor's destiny is to be seen , So is the image 、 The same goes for movies .

With the awards , Another FIRST The film exhibition is over . But unlike in previous years , After a month ,FIRST「 Surprise show 」 I will meet my fans in Chengdu , And then the front .

「 Surprise Film Exhibition 」 From two new observations . First, many young directors. Second 、 The three works still lack a platform ; The second is the market unit 75% All projects have a typed base , But the boot rate is not high .

「 Surprise Film Exhibition 」 I hope to find a delicate balance between industry and mass art , For the future of literary and artistic films , In order to make the image reach reality 、 Arrive at the audience .

So in the future , Maybe in Xining 「 Hometown 」 Of FIRST The film exhibition continues 「 Literature and art to death 」, More unique landforms 、 Culture is displayed to the audience .

And go to Chengdu 「 working 」 Of FIRST The film exhibition , Will explore a more diverse world 、 A fresher expression , Provide a broader exhibition space for young filmmakers .

This is the objective law of the development of film art , It is also the best way for young filmmakers .

Let's have another drink then , Especially in Xining, the alcohol has 「 burning 」 After all . For the movie 、 For young filmmakers 、 To get together .

At least for those who can't reach the audience after all 、 A movie that reaches reality .

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