Huang Shengyi's 9-year-old son rarely appeared. He was too mellow to recognize. Netizen: heavier than his mother?

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huang shengyi 9-year-old year old

8 month 8 Japan , Huang Shengyi shared a video on the social platform , The eldest son Andy rarely shows up , For a while, it caused heated discussion among netizens .

In the video ,9 Year old Andy has a much rounded figure , The skin color has also turned black , And the way I looked when I was a child , Netizens can't recognize . Huang Shengyi asked his son to say hello to everyone in front of the camera , Andy is shy , Seems to be embarrassed , He waved his hand and said “hi”.

Huang Shengyi wears red short sleeves , Slim and slim , The skin is smooth, white and tender , Not like a mother of two .

As can be seen from the video background , Their house is super luxurious , At first glance, it is a single family villa , The decoration is also very elegant . Huang Shengyi seems to feel his son's embarrassment , He said he was so shy . Unexpectedly, grandma Andy's voice came from the side , The old man is very protective of his grandchildren , call “ Andy, it's good ”.

Netizens saw a recent picture of Andy , Someone joked that Andy had become a little fat , Some people think Andy looks like grandma . Some netizens speculated , Andy may be heavier than his mother .

In fact, Shayi's son Anji has also gained a lot of weight , I took a recent photo before , The little belly is very obvious . In fact, children in this period are growing up , It's normal to be fat , And have parental genes , I believe Andy and Angie must be a handsome boy after they lose weight .

Previously, Huang Shengyi sent two videos , Only the youngest son appeared . Mother and son are very close , The younger son hugged her and kissed her all the time , Huang Shengyi also sweetly “ Complain ” The youngest son is too sticky to himself . Therefore, it has also been questioned by netizens , Comment on why there is no Andy , It's up to Andy , Some netizens questioned her bias . This time, Huang Shengyi also exposed his eldest son to break the rumors .

When Andy was born , It is the development period of Huang Shengyi's career , So Andy grew up in his hometown with his grandmother . But the relationship between mother and son is still very good , There used to be a at Andy's school “ Show off your mother ” competition , Andy also won the first place , During the speech, he expressed his love for his mother . Not having an older son doesn't mean you don't love your son , The relationship between Huang Shengyi and Andy is also very good .

Huang Shengyi's life is so enviable , I wish Andy healthy growth , The family is happy .

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