Huang Xiaoming only eats one noodle in a bowl of noodles. How hard do stars fight to lose weight?

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huang xiaoming eats noodle bowl

In the entertainment world , Huang Xiaoming's appearance is quite good . There was a time when , Huang Xiaoming is said to “ greasy ”, On the one hand, because of his many “ Bullying, ” Quotations , such as “ I don't want you to think , I want me to feel , Listen to me. ”; On the other hand, it is because Huang Xiaoming is middle-aged , Although the figure is not very fat, but also because there is no sense of youth thin , And lost the sense of youth .

This thought , Huang Xiaoming will always “ greasy ” down , I didn't expect that Huang Xiaoming's reputation has greatly improved in the past two years . already 43 Year old , And praised “ A sense of youth ”. Of course , This is related to Huang Xiaoming's success in losing weight , Weight loss is obvious , It matters a lot .

In recent days, , On the latest show 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 in , Huang Xiaoming was sitting around eating noodles , Only pick up a piece of noodles in a bowl to eat , Then he gave his bowl of noodles to Ding Zhen , Said Ding was really growing up and eating more .

Huang Xiaoming has been yelling that he only eats one piece of noodles , He also said that he would get fat if he ate a little , I'm going to be in the group to lose weight .

It can be seen that Huang Xiaoming is really self disciplined now , I'm afraid I'll get fat “ greasy ”.

After all , Huang Xiaoming once revealed that because “ greasy ”, There's no play , Once became a little inferior .

To say , Entertainment stars to lose weight , They all spell very well , Even some stars share their weight loss methods , Will be questioned in “ Exaggeration ”.

AI Dou fan Chengcheng was a little fat earlier , Fan Cheng is also very hard to lose weight , He once confessed that he only drank black coffee to lose weight , And assist in some sports , result 3 The sky is thin 17 Jin .

Except fan Chengcheng , In fact, many stars have black coffee in their diet , Like a singer's letter ( shin ) In order to release his new song , Try to lose weight , And the letter revealed that he drank black coffee 1 I lost weight in two months 9 kg .

Of course , Stars don't just drink black coffee , They also have professional weight loss coaches , Guide them . therefore , Ordinary people still don't easily learn such weight loss methods , Otherwise it will really hurt your body .

Some time ago , Yin is clocking in online to lose weight , Many people also follow Yin Zheng's weight loss method . Yin Zheng really lost weight , But looking at Yin Zheng's state after slimming down , Flaccid skin , Slightly older , The hair looks thin . so , Although individual stars lose weight fast , But it's really unhealthy .

Again , Unhealthy weight loss is also female star Yinger , In her early years, Yinger only ate 1 Grain old godmother , Even sent to the hospital , It's really hard .

Stars are self disciplined to keep fit , Keep in good shape on the camera , It's a good thing . But stars should also pay attention to their health , Like Huang Xiaoming, I only eat one piece of noodles , It's not just unhealthy , I don't respect the cook

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