Who is the ex girlfriend of artist Huang Zitao? After he became popular, he was found a lot of things

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ex girlfriend artist huang zitao

Huang Zitao EXO Enter the entertainment industry as a member ,15 In, Huang Zitao withdrew from the regiment and returned to China for development , Although compared with the other two teammates , His development is only average , But compared with many stars in the circle , His development is very smooth . After returning home, Huang Zitao focused on his career , Compare the emotional development of the other two teammates , Huang Zitao is still very low-key emotionally . Many years in the circle , If you don't have a girlfriend , People certainly don't believe , I don't know who Huang Zitao's ex girlfriend is ?

What's Huang Zitao's girlfriend's name [/

Although Huang Zitao is very low-key emotionally , But there have been many rumors all the way , It is said that when Huang Zitao was still a trainee , I dated a girlfriend , It's a plain Korean , So I didn't even reveal my name . But for this scandal , Huang Zitao did not respond , After that, Huang Zitao was exposed holding hands with song Qian , Suspected love exposure , But in fact, they are just good friends , Because Songxi is older than him , Together with the development of the two in Korea , So Songxi has been taking good care of him .

Who was Huang Zitao's predecessor

Before returning home , Huang Zitao was exposed to another scandal , It is said that this relationship developed when he was injured , The other party is a Chinese girl , There is love between the two . But as Huang Zitao returned home to develop , The relationship ends , Because Huang Zitao has deep feelings , So after breaking up, he was so thin that he lost his face , It seems to have suffered a great blow . During that time , Huang Zitao's time is full , Seems to want to replace her thoughts with busy work .

Who is Huang Zitao's ex girlfriend

It is said that he is reluctant to be with mystery It's all written for her , But in the face of this scandal , Neither side responded . In recent years, Huang Zitao was photographed interacting closely with a mysterious woman , Suspected love exposure , After that, Huang Zitao also said that he had people he liked , But the relationship ended in nothing . As for who Huang Zitao's ex girlfriend is ? Huang Zitao did not reveal his feelings , But he once said he had three or four girlfriends .

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