This film, which is not suitable for children, is even better than the multiplex

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film suitable children better multiplex

Generally speaking , Superhero group play , We have to count Marvel's reconnection. It's best to see .

DC In this regard, it seems that there is a gap between the two .

That year 《 Suicide squads 》 When I came out , Is to give fans this feeling .

But because of Haley , We'd like to see more .

Only a clown can be worthy of a woman , Yes, how charming .

Douban score 6.6 branch , It can only be regarded as regular .

Need to know ,《 The avengers 4》 But it's here 8.5 Point high score , Even if you get rid of your feelings , There has to be 8 More than .

therefore DC The universe needs to work harder .

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