Traitor: Lin Nansheng and Gu Shenyan are so rich, isn't it outrageous?

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traitor lin nansheng gu shenyan

# Zhu Yilong, Lin Nansheng #

By Zhu Yilong 、 TV series starring Tong Yao and others 《 Rebel 》 It's coming to an end .

As a hit play , This work has created many new words for us , such as “ Drag the king ”, Describe the unspeakable Chen moqun in the early stage .

such as “ Fishing King ” Transformed from “ Cuttlefish bolus ”, It's used to describe Wang Shian's early fishing and paddling and his later smearing others' faces that only care about their own lives .

Another example “ Zhennan ” couple , It sounds like “ It's hard ”, It means that the love between Lin Nansheng and Zhu Yizhen is pure but difficult to deep. It's a sentimental and tearful love .

The play Douban is currently rated 8.4 branch , The ratings are pretty good , For example, you walk around the office , I found many people chasing the play .

In the latest plot , After the men and women were shot through , Both sides think the other is dead , Fortunately, in the preview of the next episode, the two have met again .

And our troubled Lin Nansheng finally found MZX On protracted war .

Find the meaning of life again , I believe he is not far from joining the party .

And the plot of this play , I don't know if you found out , Whether it's Lin Nansheng or , Or Gu Shenyan and his comrades , They are all very rich .

Lin Nansheng has many properties 、 Gu Shenyan said that there are many cars , Their money is unreasonable ?

Lin Nansheng, the man who scattered wealth

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