Bi Chang denied pregnancy and starred in a new film after divorce; Fat Ya's live broadcast is funny. She avoids losing weight

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bi chang denied pregnancy starred

《 Rural love 15》 After the extermination , The actors in the play have a temporary gap , Except that a few people devote themselves to 《 Liu Lao root 5》 Shooting , Other actors focused on the live broadcast .

8 month 8 Japan , Guan Tingna had a live broadcast , Of course, it is mainly to bring goods , From the picture , It feels like Guan Tingna and 《 Rural love 13》 There is a gap between Yang Xiaoyan in , Obviously lost a lot of weight , As for the camera problem or another reason , When a 《 Rural love 15》 I'll know after the broadcast .

And in the 8 month 9 Early morning ,《 Rural love 》 Bi Chang, who plays Wang Xiaomeng in, sent a video on the live platform , I saw her wearing suspender pajamas , Sitting in a chair , Hands dance with the melody of music .

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