"Super Brain Youth League" no, the little brain team has collapsed

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Jiangsu Satellite TV immersive brain burning reality show variety show 《 Super Brain youth group 》 Broadcast so far , A lot of gains " Brain powder ". Look for infected people from the first program , In the third program, the two teams set questions for each other PK, The mental competition among teenagers is becoming more and more intense . Can easily guess the opponent's players , Make sure the opponent loses points , Even when you know your team's weakness , still " Send troops to war " Of " Little brain team " Captain Zheng Linkai , With excellent " Row of opinion ", To Lang Jiazi " Little waves " Make a beautiful combination punch , People inside and outside the field marveled at it . However, in the fourth issue , It's still about teamwork ," Little brain team " The ending of the has turned upside down , Even by opponents " Complete abuse ", What's the matter ?

Stolen " Famous paintings " After engraving , It's hidden in the library 15 In a fragment painting , Only among them 3 Vice draw for the correct fragment . There are templates 、 There is a contour , The material library is also relatively reduced , The fourth issue is what teenagers face " Puzzle " Analysis link , It seems to be less difficult than in the early stage , Even Ma boqian, who was present, said frankly that it was too simple . Facing Wei Kunlin's topic in this issue , Xiaobian couldn't help sighing , Finally, the problem of grounding gas has appeared . However , When 15 When sub fragmentation is shown in irregular geometry , This road looks like " pediatric " The instant difficulty of the puzzle problem is raised , A total of hundreds of graphics fragments , The known items on the subject are only " Famous paintings " The outline of , No one knows what kind of graphics in the fragment painting , You can piece together the right corner of a famous painting . This is a difficult problem to test the decomposition ability of teenagers , Sure enough, it is still underestimated .

At the beginning of the competition , Achieved in the last issue " grand slam " Of " Little brain team " Face the tense " Little waves ", Because I lost the last game , Ma Qinwei, the representative of the xiaolanghua team , Make a gesture " Shame before snow ". The little brain team that used to play a beautiful team game , If we can keep the pace of the last round , The battle between the two is enough to reach the peak . At the official start of the game , Ma Qinwei team has learned the early lessons , Everyone has a clear division of labor , And accurately grasp the task accuracy of the opponent , The rhythm of group problem solving is steady and progressive . Zhou Zhendong's team on one side is the same as his opponent , Work in pairs and operate separately , Also hold the war situation smoothly , The two teams are in a tight race . However, when both find problems at the same time , But took a different approach , The small spray team tried and failed to repeat the game , Finally selected 3 Piece fragment painting target, specializing in jigsaw puzzles ; The little brain teams have fallen into a deadlock of trial and error , They use the exclusion method with an almost zero chance of winning " look for a needle in a bottle of hay ". result , Lose everything .

Actually , It's not hard to find after several programs , The players are excellent , However, the gain and loss of the game , Most of it lies in the choice of strategies and the psychology of the war . The same problem , The same bottleneck , The key is to see whose heart is strong and calm . obviously , The little brain team thinks time is pressing , Give up the review from the first link , And didn't adopt the questions raised by teammates on the first link , Miss the right answer , Obviously confused . I hope they will learn from this experience and lessons , Hold your mind , Overcome difficulties with a strong heart and confidence , Achieve gorgeous transformation .

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