The first half of Odie's life: Wang Han called Zhang Xueyou "a visionary without eyes" because of his debut and his apprenticeship with Guo Degang

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half odie life wang han


1979 year 7 month 4 Japan , A baby boy arrives at the merchant's home in Keelung, Taiwan , His father named him Ouyang Hansheng .

But in that special era , He can't call a four word name , Only one word is omitted , It's called Ou Hansheng .

This is a rich and loving family , Dad is a taekwondo coach , Own your own company .

In addition to the parents , There is a sister at home , They all love xiaohansheng very much .

The family of four lived happily .

Ou Hansheng is in this warm family , Grow carefree to 15 year .

after , His good days are over .

That moment , He just went to the performance class of Peide vocational high school , Dad's company went bankrupt , Still owe tens of millions of debts , Mother divorced her father .

15 Year old Ou Hansheng , Facing an unexpected double blow in life .

Mother's departure , Let his thoughts become a river , Family affection is incomplete ; The decline in the quality of life , Let his days , Suddenly fell from heaven to hell .

He is a young man , once , From a carefree teenager , Into a silent child .

The hardest days , He has no money to go to school by bus , You can only walk .

At ordinary times 40 Minutes by car , Walking requires 3 Hours . To ensure that you are not late for school , Every day 6 Starting from home at 1:00 .

However , For the growing European and Chinese voice , The most embarrassing thing is not the lack of money to take a car , But no money to eat .

Ouyang Hansheng, who used to eat big fish and meat for three meals a day , Not only can't afford a meal of meat now , Only one meal a day .

A big guy , Eat only one meal a day , Hunger strikes from time to time . What shall I do? ? Ou Hansheng can only drink water to fill his stomach .

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