The man behind Liu Yifei: falling in love with gulinaza can't stop love at the age of 30

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man liu yifei falling love

Since Liu Yifei announced her role 《 Hua mu LAN 》 After that, I seldom saw any news about her . The first time I met her was Bai Xiuzhen, the second daughter of the golden powder family , Become the focus as soon as you get out , This doomed Liu Yifei to an extraordinary future .

After her debut , Liu Yifei's star path is indeed very smooth , Judging from her debut resources , Yang Mi in the same period as her 、 Li bingbing 、 Fan Bingbing and others are really too good , To have such good resources, it is naturally inseparable from the support of Chen Jinfei .

Speaking of Chen Jinfei , I have to talk about his rich history , He has made very high achievements in business , This is because of the economy sensitive intuition , Made his business empire , From textiles to real estate , Then to the construction industry 、 The financial sector , Every step he took coincided with the dividend period of the industry , No sooner or later , He also has a wonderful company —— Hongxingwu Entertainment Media Investment Co., Ltd , Ten years like a day, only Liu Yifei is an artist .

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