In the latest episode of Meng Tan, song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Yang Zi and Song Dandan are in the same frame, leading to hot discussion

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latest episode meng tan song

Zhejiang satellite TV 《 Cute detective 》, There have been a lot of hot discussions and topics since the broadcast , Some people think this program is not enough , Not innovative enough , Some people think the guests in the play are very interesting . Not to mention whether the content of the program can satisfy all the audience , This can attract a wave of onlookers every time . The latest way out of the furnace , It's a hot topic again .

The recording of the latest program ,《 Cute exploration 》 All the members of the group have changed into Disney characters ,cos A wave of fairy tale characters . Song Yaxuan's Prince looks fresh and refined , You are very noble and don't say , The purple snow white looks absolutely unique . I thought so cos Will lower your appearance , But Yang Zi's figure and temperament support her modeling , Let many netizens shine in front of their eyes .

Of course , This issue of 《 Cute detective 》 More noteworthy , Not the guests cos The modelling of , But invited flying guests . In Reuters , Netizens saw another familiar figure , That's Liu Yaowen . Liu Yaowen is really everywhere these days , Often active in Song Yaxuan's variety shows , The two brothers fit together , So many fans are excited .

As long as Liu Yaowen comes to the program , Basically, I can't see song Yaxuan with others , The two brothers always move forward together . Song Yaxuan dressed up as a prince that day , Liu Yaowen is cos The thief Kidd , Standing together is a beautiful scenery , Success attracted a lot of onlookers .

Talking about song Yaxuan and Liu Yaowen , The public knows that they are members of the Youth League , Over the years, I have maintained a good friendship , The interaction in variety shows can often warm many people . Together 《 Quick copy 》 after , Liu Yaowen has also become 《 Cute exploration 》 A regular visitor , The picture in the same frame as song Yaxuan is too strong , It's my brother , But when standing next to song Yaxuan , There is always a feeling of seeing your brother .

However , Compared with Liu Yaowen and song Yaxuan , Song Dandan and Yang Zi share the same frame, which has aroused heated discussion among many people , The latest issue of 《 Cute exploration 》 in , Yang Zi's temporary absence has also been questioned by many people as quitting , But I saw her in the latest Reuters , Fans are jumping again . Appearing in Reuters means Yang Zi's return , And beside her stood a man who everyone knew very well , This person is Song Dandan .

Speaking of Yang Zi and Song Dandan , You should think of the popular family drama in those days 《 There is a daughter at home 》, Song Dandan in the play plays his mother Liu Mei , Yang Zi plays her daughter Xia Xue . The couple “ mother and daughter ” It can be said that it has accompanied the growth of many people . Later, Yang Zi grew up and became an actor , There are fewer opportunities to fit in with Song Dandan , We met several times in private , It's really rare to be in the same frame together in variety shows .

In terms of dress , Andy cos Snow white , And Song Dandan cos It's the role of Queen , Or a witch . The two have always been together in Reuters , Yang Zi is still holding Song Dandan's arm ,“ mother and daughter ” They talked and laughed all the way , The relationship looks good . The moment I saw Song Dandan appear , Many netizens are also hot to discuss one after another .

Someone joked that :“ Liu Mei has come to xiaxue town ”. There was a hot search before , The relationship between Yang Zi and Na Ying is not very harmonious , The upright Na Ying targets Yang Zi and so on , Although the parties have refuted the rumor , But many people are still worried that Yang Zi will be bullied , This time Song Dandan appeared , Everyone will have such ridicule .

More Than This , The emergence of Song Dandan , Also let everyone see a better Yang Zi . Because Song Dandan didn't think much of her appearance , She persuades Yang Zi to be an actress, but it's hard to get into the entertainment industry . I didn't expect that many years later , The girl who was not recognized by Song Dandan became a popular girl , Fans looked at her and Song Dandan in the same frame , Recall the original these , Also feel proud of Yang Zi .

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