It's too easy to make money in the entertainment industry. Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang see stitches and needles, create a good impression and try to make a comeback

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easy make money entertainment industry.

as everyone knows , In the past two years, many incredible events have taken place in the entertainment industry , A-list stars have collapsed one after another 、 A scandal was exposed , These things have become very common , Such is the case with top stars in high positions , Let alone those little stars , The reason why star groups have frequent accidents , It's because the environment is too tolerant of stars , It's very easy for stars to make money , Often lose yourself .

Whether it's Wu moufan who recently collapsed , It was Luo Zhixiang last year , Or Zheng Shuang at the beginning of this year , They all belong to the same category , With tens of millions and billions of film pay , Live a life that is worshipped by thousands of people , Still not satisfied , That eventually made a big mistake , They could have developed safely , But I didn't control my desire , Now it's too late to regret .

Wu moufan's situation is relatively serious , Although there is no following about him , But one thing is for sure , He can't come back in the future . Zheng Shuang 、 Luo Zhixiang may come back , But the probability is very small , But these two stars are not willing to give up all the opportunities to come back , Recently, I have made frequent small moves .

It's too easy to make money in the entertainment industry , Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang are eager to make a comeback , Seize the opportunity to wash white !

8 month 8 Friday night , Luo Zhixiang interacted with netizens on his microblog , Luo Zhixiang replied to fans “ I won't disappear , Give me some time , I will try to get back to my original seat , Because there are you !”, Fans responded “ take your time , Go ahead together , You can !”

If you don't know Luo Zhixiang's “ Glorious deeds ”, I thought this inspirational dialogue was full of positive energy , In fact, Luo Zhixiang's reputation among passers-by has completely collapsed , Only some loyal fans are willing to continue to fan him .

Since Zhou Yangqing exposed Luo Zhixiang last year “ Multiplayer Sports ” after , Luo Zhixiang began the long road of washing white , He is a clever man , Never hard with netizens , But take the moving route , use “ warm ” Your words get the support of fans , Then slowly build a good impression through some things , Trying to make a comeback .

Similarly, ,8 month 9 Day in the morning 5 Some more , Zheng Shuang sent a dynamic message ,“ Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm the little monster you love ”, It's still cool words that netizens can't understand .

Some people think that , Zheng Shuang is talking to Zhang Heng , Ask the other party to give you a way to live ; Some people think that , Zheng Shuang is talking to the majority of netizens . All in all , Zheng Shuang's microblog attitude is humble , It means begging for a comeback .

Actually , The idea of Zheng Shuang's comeback has never stopped , As early as 7 In June, Zheng Shuang forwarded the microblog of official media , And the text “ Be sure to reflect on your behavior , Strive to bring you better works and give back to the society ”.

Netizens think , Zheng Shuang is not admitting his mistake to the public , But admit to money , Because she knows , It's too easy to make money in the entertainment industry .

More Than This , Zheng Shuang keeps up with current events , Always pay attention to 、 Comment on the latest events on the Internet , The flood in Henan all the time , Zheng Shuang forwarded it in the middle of the night 30 Multiple dynamic .

Recently, Alibaba female employees were infringed , Zheng Shuang also sent a long article to express his views , Is still “ Cool words, cool words ”, Although every Chinese character knows , But if you put it together, you can't see what Zheng Shuang wants to express .

You can feel it , Zheng Shuang's behavior is to brush his sense of existence , Build a good man , Trying to win public attention and sympathy , Then take the opportunity to come back .

Whether Zheng Shuang or Luo Zhixiang , They all know that the money in the entertainment industry is too easy to make , So eager to return , But judging by their mistakes , There is little hope of a comeback !

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