Hong Jinbao's daughter-in-law took photos of the family and revealed that she had not seen her husband for four months. The scenery outside the luxury house was pleasant

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In recent days, , Hong Jinbao's daughter-in-law Zhou Jiawei posted a family photo of a family of four on a social platform , Mom and dad hold a baby in their arms .

In the photo , A family of four sat in front of the big French windows , Laughing and making faces at the camera , Both sons and fathers stick out their tongues , Mother tooted her mouth , The family looks very warm and sweet . It is worth noting that the decoration of this luxury house is high-grade , The scenery outside the window is beautiful , There is a large dense forest .

In addition to drying photos , Zhou Jiawei also expressed her emotion that her husband finally went home , They haven't seen each other for four months , It seems that I miss each other very much .

Zhou Jiawei 2006 She won the runner up in the Hong Kong sister competition in , Then I got to know Hong Tianming, Hong Jinbao's son ,2012 They got married in . After she got married , There are few new works of hers , Instead, focus more on your family .

They have been married for nearly ten years , Now we have two baby sons , The eldest son is eight years old , My youngest son is six years old . However , It's not easy to take care of a pair of sons .

therefore , Most of the homepage of a social platform of Zhou Jiawei are photos of two children . Some time ago, she took a group photo of her mother and son , The two sons smiled brightly , Lean on your mother's shoulder , Zhou Jiawei sat in the middle and looked very happy .

Due to separation from her husband , So most of them are mothers alone with their children . Maybe it's because you want to relax , So Zhou Jiawei occasionally takes his two sons out to eat hamburgers . In the group photo taken by my mother , The two sons look happier , And my mother seemed to laugh a little helpless .

Zhou Jiawei is not only a competent mother , And a good wife . She also often shows her sweet group photos with her husband on social platforms , I also wrote that I miss you very much when I meet you every day , It seems that after so long marriage, they are still as sweet as ever .

Zhou Jiawei's relationship with her husband Hong Tianming has always been very stable . Some time ago , In a program , Zhou Jiawei talked about the trivial things in husband, wife and family life . She said that her husband has been working in the mainland for a long time , Once I left home for eight months , Children are strange when they see him . She said she would rather live happily as a family , This is more important than living in a mansion and luxury life .

Zhou Jiawei is a very family oriented person , After marrying Hong's family , She cares about her family . In addition to their own small family , She is also very concerned about the health of her father-in-law Hong Jinbao .

Last June ,68 The photo of Hong Jinbao, who was so thin that he lost his face, revealed . In the photo , Hong Jinbao has white hair , It looks much thinner than the previous photos , The whole person has also aged a lot .

Then some netizens speculated that Hong Jinbao was very thin because of his illness . Later, his daughter-in-law Zhou Jiawei responded that his father-in-law was not ill , But trying to lose weight . As we grow older , Hong Jinbao for health , Decide to control your diet , Healthy weight loss . Now it is beginning to bear fruit , It seems to be very serious .

For Hong Jinbao's physical condition , Zhou Jiawei still knows and pays attention to . Previously, she also said in a program that her father-in-law was shooting 《 Agent grandpa 》 When I got home, I wanted to hold my grandson , But because of physical overdraft , He was too tired to lift his grandson . Speaking of this , Zhou Jiawei couldn't help crying , It seems that I love my father very much .

Now Zhou Jiawei has been married to the Hong family for nearly ten years , She gave up her career for the sake of her family , She is not only a good mother , Is a good partner 、 Good daughter-in-law . Now she runs her family very happily , Even if you don't make remarkable achievements in your career , But also live freely .

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