Huo Zun Chen Lu suspects that the official announced his love affair. The woman took the initiative to take an intimate group photo, but Huo Zun refused to respond!

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huo zun chen lu suspects

8 month 8 Japan , Dancer Chen Lu takes a close group photo with Huo Zun on the social platform , Suspected of taking the initiative to declare love , For a while, it caused heated discussion among netizens .

In the photo , Chen Lu leans close to Huo Zun , Both were dressed in black , Smile at the camera , Sweet full score . Chen Lu looks sweet , Her appearance is no less than that of a first-line female star , They look like a good match !

And fans revealed , Huo Zun has been talking with his girlfriend for about seven or eight years , It's been very low key . It was a long time ago , Huo Zun and Chen Lu were photographed dating together , They just kept a low profile and didn't have a public relationship . And Chen Lu also accompanied Huofeng's family on a trip , It seems that the two have been recognized by both parents .

It is reported that , Chen Lu is a national second-class dancer , He has been on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala many times , Excellent . Now open love , Fans are happy to urge marriage in the comment area :“ We must always be happy ! Get married quickly !”

Speaking of Huo Zun , I believe we all know very well ,90 Huo Zun was born in Shanghai , Dad is a popular fire , namely 《 Big sedan chair 》 A famous singer , And mom is also a very good singer , His name is Zhong Xiaoping , Huo Zun, who grew up in such a natural environment , I've loved music since I was a child , Also very talented .

When I first came out , Huo Zun participated in many singing competitions ,《 Sound Asia 》 The top three in Asia ,14 Took part in 《 The voice of China 》 Won the national championship in the first season , When he sang the original song at the good voice live 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 Amazing four , And songs and people quickly became popular , At that time, CCTV Spring Festival Gala invited him to sing 《 Rolling bead curtains 》, We can see its strength .

Now Huo Zun has 31 Year old , It is reasonable to say that this age has reached the age of talking about marriage , Everyone must be very supportive . But after Chen Lu unilaterally announced her relationship , Huo Zun did not respond , So many fans are not calm , One after another left messages and shouted, Huo Zun responded :“ Was Huo Zun forced to announce it ”“ Although we have been in love for many years , But the unilateral official announcement is still a little embarrassing ”.

I believe Huo Zun will respond , We still appreciate such a generous announcement of love , No need to hide and tuck in , How nice to let your girlfriend in the sun , Fans will also bless ! And Huo Zun is a very excellent musician , I hope he can keep in shape , Bring you more wonderful works .

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