Jia Jingwen basks in a happy life to comfort her dead father. She once pulled out the oxygen mask and let her father "euthanize"

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jia jingwen basks happy life

August 8th , Jia Jingwen showed her and her three daughters celebrating Father's day for Xiu Jiekai ( Taiwan Province ) Photos of the . In the photo , Boniu lies in her father's arms , Open your mouth and laugh , I don't care if I'm changing my teeth , Very cute .���� It was nestled with the side of the Wutong sister , Jia Jingwen also made a face and lay on Xiu Jiekai , The atmosphere of the family is happy and happy .

On this special day , Jia Jingwen also confessed to Xiu Jiekai “ This festival , The best gift for you , It's a picture of four beauties . Happy you , Be happy .” And frankly, this is the most ordinary happiness . On father's day, the children are all around , Two little girls are so cute , Alyssa Chia and his daughter, Wutong Mei, also recognized themselves very much , Xiu Jiekai, this is the winner in life .

For this father's Day , Jia Jingwen revealed in an interview that she had made arrangements in advance , Because the epidemic is serious , So I'm going to have a simple celebration at home .

Jia Jingwen also told her father in heaven that happy father's Day , I hope he can see how well his daughter is now in heaven . She also remembered her father , In Jia Jingwen's impression , Dad is a very talkative and humorous person , Not only do I love to play , Will also take the children to play . When I was a child, my father would ride his favorite motorcycle and take Jia Jingwen across the mountains to shoot arrows , Take the children to enjoy the wild life .

When I grow up, I will take Jia Jingwen to dive , Driving that Jeep around , It can be seen that Jia Jingwen has a good relationship with her father , But she pulled out her father's oxygen mask herself , Let dad euthanasia still caused a lot of controversy .

Jia Jingwen's father suffered from cancer in his later years , The family accompanied dad to actively treat , At that time, Jia Jingwen's father failed in investment , There's a lot of economic pressure , Jia Jingwen also chose to make money at this time . But Jia Jingwen's father's condition worsened quickly , The doctor said either he could barely live with a ventilator , Or stop treatment , Jia's father has no possibility of full recovery .

Jia Jingwen struggled for a long time , Or choose to give dad a happy , She personally pulled out her father's oxygen mask , I don't want him to suffer like this . In fact, Jia Jingwen's mother was a little unacceptable , I can't accept that my daughter pulled out her husband's oxygen mask . At that time, public opinion also had a great controversy over Jia Jingwen's practice , But later, Jia Jingwen's mother can slowly understand her daughter's practice . Instead of reluctantly letting her husband live so unconsciously , It's better to end his pain earlier , Let him go .

In fact, you can learn from Jia Jingwen , Her father is a very playful , People who love life . He likes nature , Like diving . I'm worried that I have to lie in the hospital bed all the time because of the pain , Be tortured , Completely lost his life . This is also a kind of pain for Jia's father , Judging from his character , He may want to be free himself , Instead of being tied to this hospital bed .

It took a lot of courage for Jia Jingwen to make such a decision at that time , But she knows her father's character very well , So I made this decision after a long struggle , Give dad a freedom . Finally, my mother understood her , Now Jia Jingwen also has a happy family , Although there have been failed marriages , But her current husband, Xiu Jiekai, is very kind to her and her children . Jia Jingwen's father who saw all this in heaven , Will be very happy .

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