How cautious is Xiao Zhan in filming《 For the rest of his life, please tell him more about the subject matter of the book, which once made him nervous

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cautious xiao zhan filming rest

There has been no dynamic TV drama for a long time 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》, Recently released a production special .

Although there is less than 3 minute , But it reviews the process of the play from starting to killing , It also revealed that Xiao Zhan shed tears on the operating table 、 Yang Zi practices playing the cello 、 They walk in the rain and wait for the camera .

In the special , You can also see Xiao Zhan holding flowers when killing green , Very happy . But I'm happy when I kill , Xiao Zhan takes photos 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 But I was very nervous , After starting up for a period of time .

《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 It tells the story of art student Lin's school who was hospitalized by his father on the eve of graduation , Life has fallen to the bottom , And Gu Wei, his father's attending doctor, also encountered a career bottleneck , Since then, they have cherished each other , Together warm each other's lives .

In the impression of many people , The performance of youth idol love TV series is not very difficult , Many film and television newcomers also use the theme of youth love as their stepping stone in the film and television circle , But Xiao Zhan is an unusual number , He was very cautious when he took the play , I'm afraid I can't play well .

stay 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 Before , Most of the film and television works starring Xiao Zhan are ancient costumes , Such as 《 Oh ! My majesty the Emperor 》《 Petition order 》《 , 》. Long-term gags on the Costume Set , Let him get used to the shooting method of ancient costume drama , For those cumbersome hoods 、 Instead, clothes produce a cordial feeling , Even in the face of the ancient literate way of speaking , He doesn't feel any pressure at all .

《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 It is Xiao Zhan's first fashion play in the real sense , In an interview , He said :“ When there are many ancient costume dramas, they will bring their own ‘ aron ’, Is that you can exaggerate , Emphasize some stress or emotion , No one can be so cadenced in life , I'm trying to put this ‘ aron ’ Get rid of , It's a little difficult ”.

Because I've been immersed in ancient clothes for a long time , Suddenly play the image of a city doctor , Xiao Zhan felt inexplicable tension and pressure . So , When filming, Xiao Zhan humbly asked a real attending doctor , Learn some medical terms in time , When filming a surgical scene , He stood in front of the operating table for six or seven hours .

In addition to trying to get close to the doctor's life , Xiao Zhan also made the best use of his time .《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 Before you turn it on , He just finished 《 Petition order 》 Shooting , I don't have much time to study the script , On the set, you can often see Xiao Zhan talking to Yang Zi over coffee , Even by car or plane , He also holds the script all the time .

This professionalism , Quickly narrowed the distance between Xiao Zhan and Gu Wei . In the special , You can also see that the crew partners speak frankly to Xiao Zhan :“ You're great !”

Except for modern drama , Xiao Zhan also showed outstanding professionalism in the ancient costume plays starring in the past .

Make a movie 《 , 》 It was winter , Because it's the fantasy theme of immortal Xia , So in order to create the feeling of floating clothes , Use a big fan to keep blowing at Xiao Zhan , He had a runny nose 、 Tears came down . In order to meet the needs of the plot , Xiao Zhan also finished many scenes in the cold water .

《 Petition order 》 The shooting time is summer , Hengdian is very hot in summer , Ancient costume costumes are very thick , Xiao Zhan is also prone to sweating , I often sweat when filming .

One day, Xiao Zhan was hung in the air by Weiya , Because there are no clouds in the sky , The sun is melting people , The director found that Xiao Zhan felt a little heatstroke , Just ask him if he needs to rest ? Xiao Zhan said no problem, you can continue shooting .

On another occasion, Xiao Zhan filmed seven rainy nights in a row , The rain of ten sprinkler cars , His eyes have red blood because he works late every day , It's also inflamed by artificial rain , But Xiao Zhan insisted on finishing the play .

Besides , Although I'm tired every day , But Xiao Zhan never forgets politeness , I will take the initiative to say hello to everyone before starting work every day , After work, I will tell the staff that we have worked hard . Maybe it's because of dedication and courtesy , Plus the awe of drama , Xiao Zhan will be so successful .

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