You can make a lot of money without shame? Zhang dada became popular and tore off the "fig leaf" of the entertainment industry!

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make lot money shame zhang

“ Black and red are also red ”.

this sentence , Used to describe Zhang very powerful , Perfect. .

《 Poking fun at the conference 5》 year , Zhang Da variant , Become “ Coffee main force ”. He's like “ borrow arrows with thatched boats ” Established in “ Grass man ”. Everyone make complaints about him. :

Xu Zhiyuan used it “ shout abuse ” this sentence : Zhang Yuan is not an individual , He is a phenomenon ;

Dawei make complaints about the big picture. ? Wang Wang .

Yang Mengen said he was evil ;

Even Yang Li sighed directly on the stage : I helped Zhang a lot , What evil did you commit ?

Make complaints about everyone , Zhang Dawei “ It's dark in front of me ”: If people don't offend me , I'm going to be cheap .

That expression , What a distraction .

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