I didn't expect the last pair of stars who thought it was okay, but they were actually relatives!

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didn expect pair stars thought

We often say “ Entertainment is a circle ”. Some stars have special fate , Always cooperate , Playing different relationships in the play . So it is called a friend who has nothing to say , Or it's normal to greet each other with the characters in the play . However, there are some stars , There is a real kinship , Some of them really look like they can't hit with eight poles . Let's take a look , These don't seem to have any intersection , In fact, it is the star of the family .

First, Eason Chan and Wang Zulan . Both of them are very famous . Eason Chan is the number one love song king in Hong Kong , Performed many moving and sincere love songs . Wang Zulan has always appeared in front of the audience as a laughing star , Especially in recent years, such as running men 、 After a variety show, such as a variety show , It is also very famous in China . The two men took a completely different route , And no one will put them together . Coincidentally , These two people are like fake distant cousins . Was it a surprise? .

There's another couple , It's song Zuer and Shuchang . The two have something in common , Because they are all child stars , They are also very cute . quite a lot 80 After that, I grew up watching a comfortable play , And a lot of 90 after 00 Then they all followed song Zuer all the way . Both of them are quite famous , Both belong to female stars with both acting skills and appearance . In reality , These two are cousins , A cousin who can whisper a lot .

Let's talk about these two , The relationship was exposed in the media earlier , Many people use variety shows , Knowing the relationship between the two , That's Zhang Jianing and Zhang Xiaolong . As an associate professor of Chinese opera , It is a well-known etiquette guide in China , He is the instructor of many ancient costume films , For example, we are familiar with 《 Zhen Huan preach 》 however , Besides playing doctor Wen in the play , It is also the etiquette guide of the play . Zhang Jianing is also one of the most popular flowers in recent years , He acted in many popular plays , Also has a certain reputation . Zhang Xiaolong is Zhang Jianing's uncle , They are very close , So when it was first discovered , There are many gossip rumors that the two are lovers .

The last one is really unexpected , That's Zhang Yishan and Han Hong . Han Hong revealed in a donation that Zhang Yishan was his nephew . And Zhang Yishan is also called aunt Han Hong . Han Hong has always been the first female singer in China , Also keen on public welfare , And Zhang Yishan's child star debut , The acting is remarkable . In fact, Zhang Yishan's father and Han Hong have a good personal relationship , So Zhang Yishan called Han Hong his aunt when he was a child , Didn't everyone think of it .

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