Why did Zhu Bajie flirt with Chang'e and be demoted to the world? Just look at her identity

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zhu bajie flirt chang demoted

Pig Bajie is unjust , Tianhe 100000 Navy Marshal , One of the Four Saints of the Arctic , What a high position and weight .

However , Just once drunk and immoral , A little flirt with Chang'e , Although they say they want Chang'e to accompany them to rest , But actually , But nothing substantial happened .

Marshal Tianpeng

Such a mistake .

The Jade Emperor was furious , Forget that pig Bajie was in heaven , What fairy's affection for coming to meet , It is , It doesn't matter , You're going to push pig Bajie out of the Meridian Gate, click .

Thanks to the good old man Taibai Jinxing's intercession , Just changed to two thousand hammers , after , Demote the world , Then there is the pig eight quit. It's true , Mistakenly threw a pig fetus , Become a pig's head, pig's face, pig's skin .

Marshal Tianpeng , Come to such an end , It's a shame .

However , What a figure the Jade Emperor is , King Zhuang of Chu , It's just Wang , One day banquet to the evening , His young general Tang cunning rode in the dark , Secretly touched the concubine's cheap , How to stick it , Is not clear , Anyway, the imperial concubine pouted his helmet .

Later, the imperial concubine asked the king of Chuzhuang to check the helmet , Who doesn't have a tassel , Who is the maniac who dares to flirt with the princess , However, King Zhuang of Chu .

Just have a meeting , I want everyone to throw away their hats , Just willing to order people to put on the lights , Why? ?

The truth that King Zhuang of Chu understood , The jade emperor doesn't understand , But now that you understand , Why pursue Zhu Bajie's fault , And give severe punishment for exceeding the specifications .

Jade Emperor

Is it really like a legend , The jade emperor has something to do with Chang'e ?

Who is Chang'e ?

Lord of the Moon Palace ? joke , She is just a singer in the Moon Palace .

To put it bluntly , A fairy in the Moon Palace , The head of the Moon Palace is actually someone else , This man is great .

Meet the monkey king , You have to salute quickly , And took the iron bar , Don't dare offend the lunar star .

Who is the star of the Taiyin ?

Also known as the moonlight lady , Lunar star master , His name is Chang Xi , Who is Chang Xi ?

《 And seas · The great famine passes through the north 》 Record in : Emperor Jun's wife Chang Xi

That is, Dijun's wife's wife , that , How can emperor Jun , Can marry such a What about the great God ?

Because his identity is more amazing .


He's not someone else .

Haotian , That is, God , There are three wives , Xihe 、 Chang Xi 、 E Huang .

among , Xihe is the sun god , Chang Xi is the moon god .

The sun and moon are under their jurisdiction .

This family is so arrogant .

Now , The old Emperor didn't know where he had gone .

Or fall , Or be free for thirty-three days , Pursue a higher truth .

Leave a Chang Xi , It still appears in journey to the West , in other words , She still works in heaven , What does it matter to still work in heaven ?

When monkey king made a scene in heaven , In fact, there are many great gods in the sky who can kill him , But just don't do it , What is it about? ?

There are many factions in Tianting , Ostensibly strong , In fact, it's strong from the outside but weak from the inside , There is no unity at all .

The Monkey King

No one is united , The jade emperor has no way , Only ask the Tathagata to come out , Let outsiders see the joke of heaven , And then , Must try to change , Try to change something ?

Gather people's hearts ?

Monkey king made a scene in heaven , Let the Jade Emperor see the crisis , The steps of twisting the heaven into a rope , And at this time .

Pig Bajie flirts with Chang'e ?

What does it matter to flirt with Chang'e ?

Behind Chang'e is the old lunar star , She is Chang Xi's person , Chang Xi , Under the old emperor again , Representatives still serving in heaven , The rest of Jin Gong 、 Wood mother 、 The eternal emperor of Antarctica 、 Dongji saves kutianzun, etc .

Although the number is small , but , Who is not a person who can change the world .

This is the Yuanlao School of Tianting , After Tianting added new people , The position of the yuan old school is already very embarrassing .

Now , Something like pig Bajie happened , It's not big .


But it represents the Jade Emperor's attitude towards the new rich and elders .

Upstarts are important , But the elder , Seems more important , Because they are the foundation of heaven .

This is where it is .

therefore , Why did Zhu Bajie flirt with Chang'e , He was demoted to the world ? Just look at her identity .

Pig Bajie gets beaten 、 Descend to the world , It doesn't seem strange .

Who made him confused at the key , Offended a very sensitive person .

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