Zhou Jieqiong is not confident and is scolded and cried by Han Hong. Chen Zhuoxuan is fair and rational and refuses to vote for sympathy

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zhou jieqiong confident scolded cried

《 Burst stage 》 Burst line , In the first program , Zhou Jieqiong is not confident and is scolded and cried by Han Hong , Chen Zhuoxuan is fair and rational , Refuse to vote for sympathy ,“ Sister Chen ” Not the kui is a “ The world is sober ”.

“ Burst ” Gathered a lot of traffic for internal entertainment, female love beans , The highest ranking must be Zhou Jieqiong . Mentor's mentor , If you rank according to seniority , Anzaki 、 Lu Keran can call her “ The granddaddy ” 了 .

Zhou Jieqiong's seniority is amazing , Even Han Hong is full of expectations for her , however , her 90 At the beginning of the second, the stage is just “ Rollover ” The scene , No wonder Han Hong lost her temper on the spot .

Zhou Jieqiong chose 《Pick Me》, Maybe it's a hint that you don't forget your original heart , Back to the stage where the dream began . Music starts ,“ The first generation show powder ” In an instant, ye Qinghui , Wu Xuanyi 、Yamy Also wet eyes .

exactly ,“ pickled cabbage 101” Influenced a generation of dream girls , Gathering is a fire , The sky is full of stars , Looking back again, I'm still very moved . As the only Chinese, Zhou Jieqiong made her debut , Naturally, it has become an example for many girls .

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