She was once popular with Liu Xiaoqing, but was jailed by her ex husband's violent son. Now she is 70 years old and travels in a wheelchair

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She is a veteran actress who grew up with generations , go by the name of “ Actors at the tip of the Chinese pyramid ”, Lu Yu even praised “ She is also foreign and native 、 Beautiful and ugly 、 Both vulgar and elegant .” she , It's Siqingaowa !

For forty years , Siqingaowa plays a role of thousands of people and thousands of faces , Almost none of them are the same , Always bring surprises to the audience . However, behind success is always full of hardships ,“ I have fallen from a horse three times , Causing the left leg to fall into a semi disability , one's face 、 Cervical spine 、 Head injuries , I almost lost my life !”

Many years ago, there was a scene on horseback , She insisted on no doubles , Because the props are heavy and the clothes are too long , Plus the sudden change of flight position , She fell off her horse several times , Cause the coccyx to rupture , What's more thrilling is that several horses crossed her head , Almost trampled her to death .

Due to the sequelae left by perennial filming , Siqingaowa femoral head necrosis , Now I have to sit in a wheelchair , Or walk with someone's help . A generation of drama bones , So late in life , It's really sad .

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