Because there are stars and sea in your eyes, I love you, love your purity and don't forget your original heart

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stars sea eyes love love

# Yu Tu refuses Qiao Jingjing again #《 You are my glory 》 It's currently on the air , The romantic love story between Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu , Sweet and bitter , Every little misunderstanding between them 、 Hesitation or hesitation 、 Both welcoming and refusing deeply affect the extremely fragile hearts of thousands of fans . Looking at the full screen of bullets flowing , It's like you put your hand on their beating heart , Cold, hot, sour and sweet can be felt .

Of course, in the hearts of fans , Qiao Jingjing and delireba , Yu Tu and Yang Yang , It's two in one , Are integrated into each other , What is the bigger part of the role , Or the actors themselves are more important , It's hard to say . Just read the messages from the fans , Sometimes they call Yang Yang and Dili Reba by their names . I almost forgot they were acting , It's shaping the character .

In and out of the play , What kind of movie watching enthusiasm is this .

But it's understandable , They are such a group full of enthusiasm 、 first awakening interest in the opposite sex 、 Green and ignorant 、 Full of fantasy 、 Children who cling to romantic love .

that , Why am i attracted , An old friend , The gate of love has long been in disrepair , The river channel and the river bank have long been silted and confused , How can you tell .

Actually , My is attracted , The first point is quite clear , Hot first-line stars and beautiful women , I don't love the rich. The second generation doesn't love business leaders , I don't like the top of my peers , I fell deeply in love with our astronaut Yutu and started from middle school .

At that time , Yu Tu is just a little learning bully , At first her love was simple , She loves his super IQ , His physics and mathematics are so excellent , Love the difference of his dream , He is super infatuated with the sea of stars , Early set a great dream of joining the aerospace industry .

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