Why do some people feel sincere and natural, while others are tacky and greasy?

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people feel natural tacky greasy

War blockbuster depicting Shangganling campaign 《 Changjin Lake 》, Finally, it's in 8 month 12 It's on

Starring Wu Jing 、 Yi jieqian Xi and Duan Yihong .“ but ” The director is Chen Kaige …

It's estimated that many babies will feel the same with me , I'm afraid he'll make it again 《 Daytime meteor 》 That kind of art film in the cloak of business .

Add too much personalized expression to the group narrative , It can't resonate with the public , And to some extent “ Treat badly ” This significant theme .

Word of mouth polarization , Criticism is not 、 Neither criticism nor , Let the audience always have an inexplicable emotion in their hearts . It's like being embarrassed that he can't make independent artistic creation , It's like being for him “ You don't understand film art ” Angry at my silent sermon .

But in fact, we all know , from 《 The infinite 》、《 Mei Lanfang 》, To 《 Orphan Zhao 》、《 The Taoist went down the mountain 》, Until then 《 Cat pass 》、《 Daytime meteor 》.

Every dispute about Chen Kaige's works , Will end up in “ Anyway? , He photographed 《 Farewell my concubine 》 ah ”.

Yeah , He photographed 《 Farewell my concubine 》 ah , Now we can't make such a film that enjoys both refined and popular tastes , Maybe he just doesn't want to .

Ten thousand steps back , He has photographed 《 Farewell my concubine 》 Such a great work , What's the problem with lying on the credit book for a lifetime .

All in all , We will choose to forgive him for the hundredth time , And chose to expect him for the 101st time .

On who is the sky falling purple star in the director world , Chen Kaige must have a name . After all, people are so collective and unconscious , I can't think of a second person except him .

People either win prizes and get soft hands 、 Independent artists who don't care much about the general audience , For example, Wong Kar Wai 、 Jia Zhangke .

Or Zhang Yimou 、 Ang Lee's combination of art and business , An old yellow ox type people's artist who insists on fighting to win .

Only he , Jump from it repeatedly , Proud and capricious .

Competing for 08 When the chief director of the Olympic Opening Ceremony , People are all team saving schemes , For example, Ang Lee came to Lin Huiyin's niece, architect Lin Ying , Make a serious report .

Only he , A person writes an imprecise creative scheme 、 Report alone , And recited Du Fu's 《 It's said that the army took Henan and Hebei 》…

“ Suddenly, outside the sword, Ji Bei was collected , When I first heard that tears filled my clothes . But look at my wife's worries , Random poems and books are crazy ”…

The organizing committee was confused by his coquettish operation , Eliminated him in the first round , The reason is that they want a specific plan , Not a poet …

Later, although Zhang Yimou won , But the organizing committee also let Chen Kaige join the preparatory team , Act as artistic creative director .

But what we're going to focus on today , Of course not. 《 The life of Chen Kaige, who was favored 》, It's his headache “ Aesthetic entanglement ”. When connecting with the public , Can't find a way out 、 Confused like headless flies .

Of course, this tangle does not just exist in Chen Kaige , Tian Zhuangzhuang, who was in the same period with him 、 He Ping and later Jiang Wen , Have had similar problems .

▲2010 Year of 《 Let the bullets fly 》, It is Jiang Wen's pioneering work trying to balance artistry and commerciality

But only he , Use these entanglements in one work after another , Showed it unreservedly . Let the audience through the big screen , I saw the embarrassment of a cultural elite who wanted to talk to us but didn't understand .

So what does this confusion mean ? It's really just a cliche , Does Chen Kaige try to kill off the public taste with elite taste ?

It shouldn't be .

If Chen Kaige really has an unfriendly attitude towards public taste , Then he won't go one by one 、 Try your best to make commercial films .

Even one after another , And try to figure out what can satisfy the audience 、 And can meet their own aesthetic balance . It's not hard to see , Whether for fame or profit , He still wants to be a people's artist to some extent .

Not like Tian Zhuangzhuang 、 He Ping did that , I didn't make much movies as early as more than ten years ago , Or be an assistant director 、 Or be an actor . In short, they all choose to protect themselves 、 Stop trying to express .

stay 《 Actors, please be in position 》 in , We can also see Chen Kaige in movies , It's a major 、 A modest and sincere person .

It's not what you think , I don't like everything 、 It's best to do everything by my standards 、 You are all fishers “ Arrogant artist ”.

The sense of elitism and difference he showed , Is natural and sincere , Not a self promotion 、 Strategies to suppress the public's self-worth experience . This is actually why the public can tolerate him “ Run amok ” Why .

therefore , Chen Kaige's aesthetic entanglement , It's not actually based on “ The elite and the public ” On irreconcilable contradictions , But there is another pair of larger categories at work , That's it “ Aesthetics of daily life ” and “ Transcendental aesthetics ” Opposition .

The so-called aesthetics of daily life , It refers to those parts of our aesthetic experience received by the senses .

For example, various colorful multimedia online Red exhibitions 、 The visual stimulation brought by the dance lights of major performances .

Various Hi-Fi Loudspeaker box 、 The headset 、 High end concert hall 、 The auditory stimulation brought by high fidelity music bit rate .

Heavy oil, heavy salt 、 High sweet and spicy food , The taste stimulation .

Fast paced fighting blockbusters 、 Science fiction blockbuster , stay 3D、4D、5D、IMAX The shock brought to us in the giant screen Hall .

And the roller coaster 、 The adrenaline surge caused by the jumping machine, etc .

These aesthetic experiences are sensory , Full of affirmation of the current material world . We don't need to think too much about the future 、 Grand 、 Serious business , There is no need to reflect too much on the current situation .

Just immerse yourself , Hi up , Enjoy what this highly developed material world has given us .

Transcendental aesthetics refers to those , By spirit 、 The aesthetic experience constructed by thought and its value judgment , The whole is spiritual rather than sensory .

For example, the sugar cake looks good , But if you just look at it and don't eat it , That's a waste , So its beauty has no aesthetic value .

Fashion supermodel beauty is beauty , But the fashion industry they support , Caused countless environmental problems . So their beauty , It seems very illusory .

What transcendental aesthetics advocates is actually a spiritual aesthetic way of life , Control the sensory experience within a relatively limited range .

I think people should live in a speculative poetic atmosphere , Instead of focusing on the satisfaction of desire .

For artists who adhere to the aesthetic principles of daily life , The starting point of their work , Is to create all kinds of wonders and “ effect ”.

For example, eye-catching fashion hard photos 、 An engaging interactive device 、 Exquisite and real clothing, etc .

But for artists who uphold the principle of transcendental Aesthetics , The starting point of their work is , For our survival experience , Provide an opportunity to penetrate the appearance of reality .

Like a thought-provoking movie 、 A meaningful painting, etc .

Whether these works are visually good-looking or not , It is the result of the natural development of its spiritual core , Not a deliberate goal .

So Chen Kaige's “ Aesthetic entanglement ” The specific point is , They sincerely agree with transcendental Aesthetics , But the times require them to create according to the principles of daily life aesthetics .

Because in 2000 Years later , With the further deepening of the development of market economy and the advent of the Internet era , The most active subject in the field of Cultural Aesthetics , Start from the cultural elite with the most transcendental aesthetic cultivation , Turned into Money and the public .

Chen Kaige to 《 A murder caused by a steamed bun 》 The author Hugo filed a lawsuit , It is undoubtedly a landmark event in this transition period .

thereafter , More and more people with voice , Start to the stars and cultural elites who were previously high above , Put forward “ Grounding gas ” The requirements of .

So we can see , Variety shows are simple performances from the beginning , It has become a reality show that increasingly touches on the lives of celebrities :

Show cheerful, lively and people-friendly character and behavior to the outside world through social media , It has also become an important way for stars to suck powder .

But in the last two years , With “ Grounding gas ” The depth of Aesthetics , Many people are also aware of the problems , That's it “ Grounding gas ” Can easily become “ custom ”.

So we can see , More and more people , Began to pursue film and television works and beauty stars in the 1980s and 1990s , Trying to draw more high-quality aesthetic experience from it .

So what exactly did they find ? In fact, it is the transcendental aesthetic experience we just mentioned .

Taste the visual results naturally generated from the narrative , Instead of making the eyes the only judge of beauty , Maximize the beauty of all elements .

It means , The so-called grounded beauty of being close to the public , Must contain some transcendental spirit , To avoid reacting to phenomena 、 Unreflective vulgarity .

We as the public , In fact, we also need to face the current public interest with a more objective attitude , Instead of just clapping and cheering .

So for Chen Kaige, who tries to reconcile the conflict between daily life aesthetics and transcendental Aesthetics , Maybe we deserve some respect and tolerance .

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