One day when Ju Jingli was showy, grandma's flower hat was in the spotlight, and netizens' comments were heartbreaking

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day ju jingli showy grandma

lately ,SNH48 The annual run-off is over , It is also a matter of joy and sorrow , Congratulations to sun Rui for winning the first place . Need to know , Ju Jing before �t through SNH48 Well known , And Ju Jing �t stay SNH48 It's really the king of popularity in... That's right . About Ju Jing recently �t The news is not too much , Ju Jing �t It's also a wave of business on the social platform . I saw her drying out a full 13 Pictures , And it says : A fancy day .

In the picture , Ju Jing �t Wearing a transparent lace long sleeve , White inside , The texture of the whole dress is not very good , There are many small cherry patterns on the clothes , Inexplicably, it gives people a feeling of soil . The pants matching the lower body have a lot of cat patterns , It'll make you a dense phobia . What's that , She wore a very strange flower hat on her head , There are green dots and pink flowers on the hat , Plus pink lace . The only normal thing is her hairstyle , There's nothing wrong with long straight hair .

Speak really , If it weren't for Ju Jing �t Your facial features are superior enough . very buling buling Big European eyes , A tall nose and a cheerful and youthful smile , It's really full of collagen , But this is really a large social death scene !

It can be seen from the picture that , Ju Jing �t Came to the fitness area of a park , It's fun to swing , A big long leg is still very superior , A pair of white Martin boots are matched below . Speak really , Ju Jing �t Man himself is not high , But these legs are so long , The figure ratio is also enviable !

Although many fans think Ju Jing �t It's still beautiful , Beauty and flowers are also really a match , Some netizens also said Ju Jing �t This is the heroine from what animation ! But many netizens have commented :“ What are you wearing ?”“ What dirt !”“ Normal people who wear this .” Some netizens made sharp comments :“ Made a mosquito net and put it on .”

in fact , This is not ju Jing �t Try this fancy style for the first time , As can be seen from her daily life , Some fancy elements have always been Ju Jing �t Beloved .

It's really all kinds of others hold Broken flowers that can't live , Ju Jing �t Dare to wear . If not with such a face , These elements wear on the body , It's really ugly to have no friends ? see , Some netizens rushed to find the same , But it turns out , A star is a star , I wait for mortals really hold I can't live with this style of clothes .

according to the understanding of , Ju Jing �t There's a new play 《 Under the full moon , Please love 》 I will meet you soon , Although Ju Jing �t The clothes are offline this time , But you can look forward to the new play of beauty .

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