By chatting? Fan Bingbing and many other stars called the police, and Huang Lei's daughter was involved in rumors

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lately , More and more melons rely on chat records .

Wu Yifan was detained for investigation , There are more and more rumors about him , Among them, a chat record spread on the Internet , It is said that many stars participated in the Wu Yifan event .

For such rumors , The implicated Jing Boran 、 Fan Bingbing 、 Packages bear 、 He Jiong has successively selected alarm processing .

Maybe it's because the nature of Wu Yifan's incident is too bad , Maybe it's because the way of sending a lawyer's letter has become unconvincing ――

Before Wu Yifan was arrested , Once vowed to deny all the charges : If you do , Just go to jail , He also sent a lawyer's letter saying that he would sue the rumor monger .

After Wu Yifan was arrested , It's ridiculous to look at the original lawyer's letter .

Unsubstantiated chat records were reported to the police by many stars , But this form of disclosure is not over , Huang Lei's daughter Huang Duoduo was also involved .

A chat record circulating on the Internet shows , Huang Duoduo was expelled for indecent behavior in the school library .

Regarding this , The Huang Lei family also chose to call the police early .

But because Huang Duoduo is a minor and not an artist , In order to reduce the harm to my daughter , Huang Lei did not announce this news to the public .

Before , It is said on the Internet that Huang Duoduo's Shunyi International School expelled him and was refuted by the school authorities .

Huang Duoduo and Huang Lei once attended 《 Where's dad going? 》 Be known by the audience , But compared with other Star II , Huang Duoduo's controversy is more .

Hair dyeing and makeup , Too early , No child's appearance ......

However, on the other side of these disputes , Huang Duoduo is a very excellent little girl .

Huang Duoduo has a strong interest in drama performance , But he didn't play a film and television play with Huang Lei , But try to experience through drama , Played in 《 Books in the water 》 etc. .

This rumor is for Huang Duoduo , It's a little vicious , What do you think? ?

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