18 years ago, Jet Li lowered his price and cooperated with Zhang Yimou to make this controversial "bad film"!

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years ago jet li lowered

lately , A new word appeared on the Internet :" Qiang Lu ".

refer to 《 Da Qin fu 》 Zhang Luyi's embarrassing performance , Give Way “ Qin shi huang ” The image of disappeared in the hearts of the audience .

It also shows from the side 《 Da Qin fu 》 The popularity of .

In fact as early as 2002 year , Zhang Yimou made a film 《 In my heart 《 Da Qin fu 》, But this one is called 《 hero 》 Zhang Yimou's film has become the most controversial work

After the movie came out , Many netizens think “ Zhang Yimou has changed ”, By the way, I don't hesitate to “ movies ” Made an evaluation ; But abroad , The film has become “ masterpiece ”——

《 The New York times 》 The film has been reported on two pages , say “《 hero 》 It's like 《 A dream of red mansions 》 In China and Oscar , The United States " As classic as the uncrowned king .”

Word of mouth is so divided , Even now , It's also rare .

What the hell is this movie about ? Is it really as bad as netizens' comments ?

First of all , The thorn in Zhang Yimou's heart

It should be the period when the fifth generation of Chinese directors changed from literary films to commercial films .

in the meantime , All films pursue great momentum , The cast is luxurious .

So Chen Kaige took 《 The infinite 》, Feng Xiaogang shot 《 A banquet 》, Zhang Yimou took a picture of 《 hero 》.

《 hero 》 The total investment exceeds 3000 Thousands of dollars , The cast gathered for the year “ Top current ”:

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