Jia Jingwen, 46, takes recent photos. Her plain face is tender and does not lose her 9-year-old husband. Her eldest daughter has a good relationship with her stepfather

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jia jingwen takes recent photos.

8 month 8 Japan ,46 Jia Jingwen, 25, posted a group photo of her three generations together on the social platform , And wish her husband a happy holiday , She said :“ Your age , There are old and small rings around , This is the most ordinary happiness ”, For a while, it caused heated discussion among netizens .

In the picture , Xiu Jiekai wears simple , In front of the camera, he carried his daughter boniu on his shoulder , And compare with it to the camera , With a smiling face, he looks in a good mood , And Jia Jingwen is wearing a black sweater , Expose its clear clavicular curve , Plain faced, she pours at the camera and sells cute , I don't forget to hold my daughter who is comparing my heart , In good shape 9 My husband, at the age of .

And Jia Jingwen's daughters also showed up in surprise , In another group photo, they surround their father , The software chuckled strangely , It looks lovely , Boniu lay in her father's arms and grinned , Two little tiger teeth are very cute , Jia Jingwen's eldest daughter . By my sister's side , Looks more like mom .

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