After the Olympic Games, there is a hot search for entertainment stars who are no longer popular!

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Netizens have been searching the entertainment industry for a long time !

I don't know if you have this feeling , When athletes appear on the hot search , The original troubles disappeared !

Don't worry about an unknown artist official announcing a love affair , It's not necessary to see whose nail polish has been searched again , Those hair colors 、 figure 、 The waist ……

An ellipsis is not enough , Who else has gastroenteritis , Who eats watermelon so clean , Whose acting broke up , who X I can really play at the age of , Whose calligraphy , Well, at the end of the paragraph, you automatically add N An ellipsis !

Because the entertainment industry is too chaotic , It's boring again , No secret , This is also the only reason why I broke more seriously a while ago .

Sometimes I can't figure it out , Why create traffic for these different stars ?

Not to mention the quality of the work , Because there are few people who rely on their works .

Let's first say the name of the hot search , Literally, these stars all seem to have great powers , After a while, it seems that the Buddhist department will open again , Soon after, a new person came out ―― Before Ming Ming, the rich woman was set up , Suddenly stand up and say that the entertainment industry is a high-risk industry !

There are more ridiculous , While telling the program how difficult it has been since he joined the industry , While riding a car to catch up with the grandpa who rode a bike !

Hot search of various stars in the entertainment circle , With the ideas of artists and teams , Change and change , It's like the entertainment industry won't be severely punished by Internet memory !

The harmony in the bottom , Make others feel like they're in the wrong world . The most obvious effect is , The star who just rolled over a while ago , Men and women , Can regain the right to speak of justice in hot search !

This is justifiable , I don't know who gave it .

It is clearly a socialist country , But many netizens bombard stars in the entertainment circle by capital in turn , Do not give correct expression to their views “ hegemony ” After behavior , Many people have no passion for stars !

This is also the reason why the popularity of other platforms has won favor in recent years !

then , Stars who killed their industry began to move to other industries such as live selling , Many fans also helped wash the floor and said that it was a big guy who came to the live studio !

please !

The studio also has its own industry competition , You stars go to people's places , It's not a dimensionality reduction attack , It's actually a job grab !

If not for survival , For that exposure and product rebate , Stars can be aboveboard and don't wait for the script at home , Wait for the variety show !

But the result is to get together !

It's been two years , Everyone is not doing well .

In fact, it is very necessary for the network to provide positive energy , After all, this is an era when everyone plays with mobile phones !

It doesn't have to be all positive energy , Even if it's funny , In silence , It's also fun !

Let everyone relax , Not line? ?

But the stars in the entertainment industry are not like this , Obviously, they are among all groups in society , Representatives of the most public figures , But they just fooled around and searched some of them !

One by one will occupy public resources !

Just imagine , If the entertainment industry is like other industries , Survive without exposure , Is this society much quieter ?

entertainment , It's also an industry .

But its development , It really has nothing to do with health !

How hard the stars work , Looks like it's all about money !

All about the money!

Compared to other industries , The entertainment industry does not contribute much to cultural output , In the years of traffic !

Since everyone is not good , There's nothing arrogant ?

Knowing that the quality of products in this industry has greatly decreased , He also argued that he didn't do this for money , Noisy ?

Various exposures of top stream stars , Various propagandists say they have come to today step by step , Last 《 News broadcast 》 Directly reported “ The rectification of bad fan culture has achieved phased results ”!

This is only a phased effect , nothing more !

And , This is just one of the chaos in the entertainment industry , nothing more !

What scares them most is , After the Olympics , Many people have protested that they don't want to see the hot search of stars anymore !

Why did you say that stars have a distance from the public ?

Because they never understand the audience !

Take last night's closing ceremony as an example , The heat of the Olympic Games has not really dissipated , Li Qin's confused search came ,“ The leg is stuck in the mud and can't be pulled out ”……

what ?

What's the big deal ?

What inspirational stories will happen later ?

Is there any lovely operation in the middle ?

None of them !

So don't blame netizens after the Olympics , Shouting that I don't want to see the hot search of stars again !

Words , Stars who have always paid attention to the guidance of public opinion , I don't know how they feel now .

But this cross-border attack on the sports industry , Netizens said they were very happy !

It doesn't hurt to come a few more times

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