Zheng Shuang is suspected of shouting to Zhang Heng, asking the other party to "give a way to live", and fans forward support

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zheng shuang suspected shouting zhang

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Zheng Shuang was one of the traffic florets in the entertainment industry earlier , Popularity is still high , Also has a lot of fans , But after the exposure of her surrogacy and abandonment , Image reversal , Take off the powder at one time .

After the Wu Yifan incident was exposed , Zheng Shuang, who is also an entertainer in the entertainment industry, once wrote , It seems that I really want to come back , But Zheng Shuang sent a document , Zhang Heng immediately sent a microblog to prove that Zheng Shuang was a bad artist .

【 Zheng Shuang is suspected of shouting, Zhang Heng , Beg each other “ Give me a way to live ”】

8 month 9 Japan , Zheng Shuang posted on Weibo :“ Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm the little monster you love ”, Suspected shouting Zhang Heng , Let Zhang Heng give himself “ A way of life ”.

Zheng Shuang's microblog seems groundless , As if it was just a whim , I don't want to attract Zhang Heng as soon as I send a microblog “ hammer ”, Seems to be thinking about the comeback again “ Test the waters ”.

From Zheng Shuang's performance earlier , She is still hopeful about her comeback in her entertainment circle , Some diehard fans also support , Because Zheng Shuang's microblog comments have been closed , So fans have used her microblog to express their attitude .

However, netizens are difficult to understand this behavior of fans , Although Zheng Shuang's behavior did not touch the bottom line of the law like Wu Yifan , But it can also be regarded as jumping repeatedly on the moral bottom line of netizens , A comeback is obviously unlikely .

【 Zheng Shuang is coming back ? Micro-blog make complaints about netizens 】

Many netizens make complaints about Zheng Shuang's words and deeds in micro-blog and his fans' strong manners. :

“ She doesn't think she can come back , I don't want to lose my heat and completely become a plain person , That won't make any money ”“ She's terrible ”“ She was afraid of losing attention ”“ Persuade her to recognize the reality , No one is interested in her anymore ”.

“ Find it easy to make money in the entertainment industry , I can't bear it ”“ propaganda zh?”“ Forget it, she just doesn't want to lose attention , The focus is on the possibility of a comeback , One day, no matter how she pretends to be crazy, no one cares. It's really cold , It's right not to give her eyes ”.

“ She's not alive yet ? Does she have enough money to spend her next life , Take advantage of the opportunity to retire , Isn't it good to enjoy life ”“ She never felt wrong, did she ”“ The entertainment industry is really making too much money , Once in, you don't want to quit ”.

Long before Zheng Shuang withdrew from the circle , She make complaints about it. “ Cool words, cool words ”, Many people don't understand , Now the storm about her is calming down , It's not surprising that Zheng Shuang wants to make a comeback , But from the attitude of netizens , She has no hope of coming back .

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