Zhang Yuqi's new love affair with Zhou Yangqing, fragrant?

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zhang yuqi new love affair

Leo Zhang Yuqi , On the eve of your birthday , The official declared a love affair .

This straightforward style , So much like her .

Zhang Yuqi's new boyfriend , It's Li Bingxi, the violinist she knew in the variety show , It's because of working relationship .

Recently broadcast 《 The love of daughters 4》, They were on the show together , For the first time, they made public their relationship .

Since it is “ Daughters ”, Naturally, she is not the only girl . The other three , Meng Ziyi is “ Small work essence ”, Zhou Yangqing is in charge of e-commerce , Lisa �F Son is the host .

They are in public awareness , Are slightly better than male guests ; It's the golden age of career , The ability to absorb gold is not bad . It just echoes the current trend : The rise of women .

The first episode of the program just aired , My most intuitive feeling is :

Women have evolved so fast 、 So powerful today , Chinese men really should learn , How to get along with more and more powerful women .

Under the aura of Zhang Yuqi , Dating will inevitably be recorded by the camera 、 Magnified by public opinion . As the contact object of female stars , Li Bingxi and Zhang Yuqi are together , I still used my heart .

The program group arranged a date for two people , Li Bingxi set the location at the French restaurant they had been to , He also asked the clerk to prepare Zhang Yuqi's favorite apple tart in advance , Delicate mind .

I will quietly learn cooking from the chef of Sichuan restaurant , Just to surprise Zhang Yuqi .

Zhang Yuqi looks hot 、 The gas field is very strong , But it's actually a careless “ Silly elder sister ”, If the man is too strong , The two are bound to encounter each other .

Although Li Bingxi is relatively young , But in the show , Gentle personality , Even played the more mature side .

He will keep a low profile properly , But I didn't try to please each other , But a natural concern , Let girls feel that they are cared about .

Such a gesture , It's easy to make the other party feel like a spring breeze .

Similar to Zhang Yuqi , The added effect of a successful career on women is : Let them form an obvious active personality .

Lisa �F Zizi went to Hainan with her boyfriend , Drive by yourself , And will take care of all kinds of matters during the trip , Especially worried about .

The itinerary is planned to catch up with the street artists on time ;

Travel supplies for two , Well prepared by category .

Meng Ziyi is a typical girl in Northeast China , First meeting with Wang Houjie , Not at all formal , Take the initiative to ask each other : Did you decide to stay here ?

The man asked her what she liked , Meng Ziyi also blurted out without hesitation : I want Japanese food !

Zhou Yangqing is more considerate , I know Luo Hao is a camera , Specifically set the date place at home .

See Luo Hao a little nervous , Just take him to play LEGO , And yelled at him : Can you interact with me more .

4 A female guest , Whether it's “ sister ” still “ Younger sister ”, Have a good career , Can be independent in their own field , At least you don't need to rely on men .

As Zhang Yuqi said , Ask the man if he can raise her , Doesn't mean you won't work after , But to test whether boys are motivated , Can you resist external pressure .

The traditional view of gender pays attention to “ Male Lord outside female Lord inside ”, Gender relations will follow the economic basis to determine the superstructure , Strong men make many demands on women , Such as housework and childbirth .

And in this day and age , Women are becoming more and more independent , Career achievements have been on an equal footing with men , Even greatly surpass . With economic confidence and confidence , Dare to make a bold appeal , Will be more active in a relationship .

therefore , Successful women with brilliant careers , They want the other half , What is it like ?

From the show , The first is to get respect and response .

Men's performance , But divided into two camps .

One is self type .

Face the camera 、 Luo Hao who feels uncomfortable all over , I've been talking about “ I split ”, Let Zhou Yangqing at a loss .

Lisa �F Zizi specially drove Lao Fan to the beach , And ask him if he's having a good time , But Lao Fan is a little impatient , muttered “ It's so hot ”, Always want to leave quickly .

In Lisa �F On his face , You can see a clear sense of loss , But Lao Fan didn't make it in time get To Lisa �F Changes in children's mood .

Lisa �F Zi wants to take him to play drums , But Lao Fan is very stubborn , Didn't cooperate with her , Show special resistance .

You can clearly see Lisa's loss in the back .

The other two male guests are different , Are good at observation 、 Emotional intelligence is also high .

When a woman needs nothing , The role that men can provide , More emotional value , Just make her happy .

obviously , At present, Li Bingxi can bring happiness to Zhang Yuqi .

After Western food , They Tango together , Zhang Yuqi's expression can explain everything .

Wang Houjie and Meng Ziyi , At first I didn't know , It's super embarrassing to meet .

But the man is very considerate , Emotional intelligence is very high , again K song , Playing the dance machine again , Slowly began to feel in love .

Why can Li Bingxi and Wang Houjie make the woman feel more relaxed 、 More comfortable ?

It is because they have appropriately abandoned part of their self obsession , In the process of getting along with the woman , More respect for each other's feelings .

Li Bingxi will not only respond to Zhang Yuqi in time , And work on some details , Let the other party feel casual care .

Wang Houjie has a keen sense of Mencius' needs , And will meet her in time .

Meng Ziyi said he wanted to drink milk tea , Wang Houjie helped her order in advance on the way , When you wait in the restaurant , Just enough to drink .

When you go to eat Japanese food , After drinking milk tea, Mencius Yi was obviously relaxed and happy , The tone of voice is not so polite .

Is this just the credit of a cup of milk tea ? No .

No matter how strong a woman is in the workplace 、 More senior , In front of the man you like , Still want to be a little girl , Eager to be praised 、 Be cared for ―― This is the nature of women in love .

The protagonist is a woman , The highlight gave the girls , Is it that the men are crushed ?

Lao Fan and Luo Hao have also done a good job , But I may not know how to get along with women who are both intelligent and beautiful .

Luo Hao in the mouth of friends , take 、 Work with the team and work hard ; And Luo Hao with Zhou Yangqing , It's kind of cramped 、 I'm a little timid and can't let go .

Leave your familiar home , Add interference ( Hot weather 、 Ubiquitous lens ), And they can't solve it , It seems to make complaints about the body of the Tucao .

So at this time , The girls stand up and control the situation , It may make them feel that their self-confidence is damaged .

For example, in the beginning , Everyone says Lao Fan is childish , Lisa's father has an expression that he can't see .

But it's just this “ naive ”, In line with his age and even career , It's real .

Lao Fan is an independent musician , This profession is generally more free and independent , In love , The mood of happiness, anger, sadness and joy at ordinary times , It will be more obvious , But it doesn't mean you don't care about Lisa . Then they went back to the hotel , Lao Fan took off his heavy boots 、 Change into loose clothes and come out again , The irritability caused by too hot disappears , The two are still fighting like lovers in love , Put on a funny pose and take a selfie by the sea .

Addo said : Such a boy is actually very real , He won't hide himself , The problems between the two people were exposed as soon as possible , Frankly solve , The later emotional development will be more and more smooth .

Luo Hao & Zhou Yangqing , Xiao Luo took the initiative to come to the program 、 Pursue Zhou Yangqing's , The courage to pursue love is commendable .

But the trifles in getting along , It's often a bigger challenge than advertising , Just after Luo Hao , Have enough courage and sincerity , To cross these ditches .

High group contestants Li Bingxi and Wang Houjie , One small fresh meat, one ABC . Among the four male guests , They know women's hearts best , Who knows best how to get along with big women .

Their understanding , Can let the active Mencius righteousness or the Royal Sister Zhang Yuqi , Give up the armor , Show the little girl's softness .

Even Meng Ziyi's mother has to wear glasses , Watch the program carefully , Announce on the spot : I'm satisfied with both !

In recent years , Variety shows have come out or PK Singing and dancing , Or let people say the family history of that year …… The routine , It is aimed at the more urgent and practical needs of modern people , It's not a small breakthrough .

《 The love of daughters 》 The name , Already pointed out : The subject is “ Daughters ”, The thing to do is “ Fall in love ”. that , When they encounter these or dull feelings 、 Or careful boys , How will they respond to these boys ? Will boys grow up ?

In the program , We see that , Some men are naturally slow heat , This does not represent his empathy 、 I don't care about girls as much as other male guests ; And the two who did well , It's not greasy and sophisticated “ Bullying, ”.

The program has just begun , The impression has been different from the general dating and emotional programs , It looks better than I expected . For today's more popular women, independence 、 The rise of women …… Even broader gender topics pain points , It's all thrown out .

Plus the female guests themselves have enough heat , Parents' comments are also super sharp . There will be many more shows , Will there be a reversal between several people ? Quite looking forward to .

Through a variety show , Let people think about gender relations more rationally , Stand on the sidelines , A deeper understanding of the other gender , This is also the beginning of a more harmonious relationship between the two sexes .

Love or marriage , It's really like wearing shoes , Only your feet know whether you are comfortable or not , Sometimes a combination that outsiders don't seem to match , But it can last forever .

The two kept running in 、 Strong and weak complement each other , Reach a balance , This is the most comfortable way to get along with each other .

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