"Song with the king" was the first in the audience, and the black comment was blasted. Netizen: Pediatrics, like a family

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song king audience black comment

8 month 8 Japan , You Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi worked together 《 Song with Jun 》 I've met you all . Because the cooperation between the two actors is still expected , So after the play was broadcast , The ratings of Hunan Satellite TV can be said to be far ahead . First, Cheng Yi , Since Cheng Yi played 《 Glass 》 Then it attracted a large number of fans , Everyone is looking forward to Cheng Yi's ancient costume . And Zhang Yuxi officially entered the circle after Wang Sicong's ex girlfriend , Her face is more advanced , Acting in modern drama has the taste of a rich lady , She is in 《 Glass 》 The performance in is also impressive . stay 《 Glass 》 in , The two didn't come together in the end , Everyone is also looking forward to them in 《 Song with Jun 》 What kind of spark can be made in .

And there are predictions on the Internet , Because it's a network reform play , Plus these actors have a certain fan base , There should be more than a few viewers watching this kind of play , In the later stage, the audience rating of the play should continue to rise .

Although the ratings have been rising , But Douban audience's short comment area , Bad reviews have been rising ! at present , In the short review of the play , There are many choices of one star and two stars . And there is a very high praise rate in the bad comments .

Netizens' comments on the play are also mixed . Netizens who don't like this play have noticed that this play has the common problem of online reform drama , It's just not true 、 The feeling of pediatrics is strong , And the whole play has no history , Making this up , It's easy to be illogical , The problem of not being fine .

Some netizens even said that such a play lacks logic , Only for teenagers 、 Children, look , And for middle-aged viewers , Such a play is very much like a child's family , Anyone who has a little knowledge of history , You will find that the play has a lot of imprecision , He said it , I still can't taste it . Even Cheng Yi's fans said :“ This kind of history overhead is really difficult for us adults who have studied history to integrate , The plot is very playful , Logic doesn't make much sense .” It seems that this may not be a problem that can't be refined , It may be a visible reversal of history , It doesn't make sense !

Other netizens in the comment area are about men and women cp I don't feel very strong 、 The hostess abandoned the play for reasons such as exaggeration . It seems , The audience rating of the play is good , But the evaluation remains to be seen , Or continue to watch two episodes later , Let's see if the play will really smell good !

But we can see , Microblog hot search has been about the hero Cheng Yi , And another actress, Xuan Lu , From these two hot searches, we can see , We are still looking forward to the performance of these two people . by comparison , I haven't seen the hot Search about the heroine yet , The later heroine should redouble her efforts , Brush the sense of existence !

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