Let movies come into life from the screen

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let movies come life screen

> Valongo The visual design of the International Video Festival

The graphic visual design of the film festival is the of the film festival “ The facade ”, It contains the idea of a film festival 、 taste 、 Taste and deep-seated cultural connotation . Good vision can not only perfectly convey the aesthetics and connotation of the film itself , And it can also make the theme of the whole film festival more distinctive , Exudes additional charm beyond film works , Create unique artistic value and design beauty .

At present, there are hundreds of film festivals all over the world , All kinds of exhibitions and academic activities are held every year , As big as the three major film festivals in Europe , Regional film exhibitions as small as the third world , Among them, the graphic vision of the film festival with outstanding sense of design is not a few , We have selected some special cases , Look at them , How to use plane vision , Let the film come into life from the screen .

New York Asian Film Festival

New York Asian film festival

> Visual design of New York Asian Film Festival

The New York Asian Film Festival was founded in 2002 year , It is the most important Asian Film Festival in North America , It is also one of the most popular summer activities in New York . The film festival mainly shows films from China 、 Japan 、 South Korea 、 the Philippines 、 Films from Asian countries such as Malaysia and a few other non Asian countries such as Australia . Since its establishment , New York's most passionate film lovers and Asia's most exciting films will be presented at the New York Asian Film Festival every year 、 The director and the actors get together .

> Visual design of New York Asian Film Festival

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